My kids say a "gratitude" before lunch at their Montessori school. It's an inclusive, nondenominational grace or mealtime prayer they use to express gratitude for the food and fellowship. We decided it would be nice for our family to say a gratitude before meals at home, too. So we made our own set of cards to keep on the kitchen table. We take turns choosing and reading a gratitude before each family meal. It's the perfect way to spend just a minute or two reflecting on how lucky we are to have a good meal (and each other), connecting to each other and appreciating the moment. Feel like … [more...]

I’m probably committing a culinary sin by saying this, but Thanksgiving dinner really isn’t that difficult. Time consuming, yes. Impressive on the table, sure. But dishes like mashed potatoes and stuffing are actually super easy. My favorite stuffing recipe—with sausage, bread and sage—epitomizes the way I like to cook. You don’t need a lot of measuring or exact proportions. You just add ingredients until you’re happy with how it looks and tastes. Here’s how I make Thanksgiving stuffing. Give it a try next week, and add your own twist! Ingredients Dry/stale bread. Tear up artisanal … [more...]

Looking for work while caring for your newborn: not advisable. Looking for work while caring for your newborn and rambunctious two-year-old: insane. Yet, this is the position I find myself in. I’ll give you a little background (the abridged version). My family and relocated to our home-state about six months ago, when my husband jumped on a promising job opportunity. We weren’t given much time to make the decision, so I didn’t have time to secure a job before we moved. I was also pregnant at the time, and not certified (in my field) in the state we were moving to. Back to present day: … [more...]

There's really no "good time of year" to give or get food poisoning, is there? But during the holidays, we tend to host and attend more food-centered parties and celebrations, which increases the odds that somebody might get sick. And Lord knows, you don't want to be the person who ruins Thanksgiving because you defrosted the turkey incorrectly and half your relatives end up in the ER. Each year, foodborne diseases cause one in six Americans to get sick, 128,000 to be hospitalized, and 3,000 to die, according to the CDC. Not too festive, huh? With the holidays approaching, we thought … [more...]

Some people say resumes are old school, but they aren’t. Yes, you should have a LinkedIn profile. But that's in addition to a resume. There are currently four generations in the workplace: Traditionalists Baby Boomers Gen Xers Millennials Any of these generations could represent a hiring manager today. But I bet three of these generations still expect and require a traditional resume for open jobs. LinkedIn should be viewed as a supplement to the resume. Besides, LinkedIn is public. You don’t want everyone in the universe to have access to every bit of information on your … [more...]

I now have eight(!) Thanksgivings' worth of experience as a working mom. Some of them, we hosted the whole family at our house. For others, we traveled out of town or to another family member's house in town. Whatever your plans are this season, I have some Thanksgiving tips, recipes and resources to share that I hope will make your holiday more fun and less stressful. If you're hosting ... Shop for the essentials in advance. Have you ever waited till the night before Thanksgiving to pick up your main ingredients. I have, and I don't recommend it. The store is an absolute zoo, and … [more...]

I don't know if it's the lame music selection in my office lately, or the blah-ness of the weather, but I have been seeking some auditory inspiration while I work and drive. Meanwhile, the latest iOS update added a Podcasts icon to my iPhone's home screen, which I felt compelled to fill up with some wicked awesome podcasts for working moms. What can I say? I AM HOOKED. Here are the six podcasts I've been digging. Maybe you will, too.   1. Working Motherhood My very favorite working-mom podcast is Working Motherhood. This daily podcast, hosted by Dr. Portia Jackson, … [more...]

Does your morning routine include a moment in which everything comes to a screeching halt as you open the fridge to pack your toddler's lunch, only to find yourself staring blankly at a stick of butter, some leftover Chinese food, and a carton of ricotta cheese, all the while thinking, "What the $%&$ am I going to feed you today, kid?" Or perhaps, on a good day, you find yourself reaching for that leftover rotini for the third day in a row, wondering if children can thrive on pasta alone and/or if you're setting your kids up for a lifetime of picky eating and scurvy. Juxtapose … [more...]

What a lovely little gift Daylight Savings Time gives us each fall. One extra hour, delivered via our automatically updated alarm clocks and phones while we sleep on Saturday night. It's almost like Father Time gets his own turn at playing Santa—only to be cursed later when he steals that hour away each spring. Working moms, let's savor this extra hour. Imagine what we could do with an extra 60 minutes—on a weekend day, no less!—to kick off the month with a bang. Here are nine ideas on how you might take advantage of the time change this year. Sleep in. If you don't usually get … [more...]

By David Mays As a pharmacist, scientist, and dad, there is nothing more important to me than the health and well-being of my kids. When my kids were babies, I pulled out every stop to make sure I was doing the best I could and using products that were safe. That’s why now, at JOHNSON’S®, I make sure to treat everything I do with that same mentality. As a parent in today’s world of connectivity, it’s perfectly normal to research baby products, especially those you use on baby’s skin. I’ve had the exciting opportunity to meet with Working Moms Against Guilt's cofounder Susan Wenner Jackson … [more...]