Guest Post Policy

We love sharing expert advice, and we often feature guest posts by specialists in child development, work/life balance, women’s issues and other topics of interest to working moms. Here are a few examples of recent guest posts:

Online Shopping Safety Tips for Cyber Monday

Starting Your Own Business: What’s Holding You Back?

The Working Mom’s Guide to Child Behavior Problems

If you’re an expert and feel you have something to offer our readers, contact us with your credentials and pitch.  Please keep in mind that we prefer original content as opposed to re-posts.

We also love partnering with other bloggers, so sometimes you’ll see us sharing content. We’re pretty choosy, though. If you’ve got a great post that you think is of interest to our readers, email us the link. But don’t take it personally if we decide not to re-post or feature it. We do keep everything in mind. If we like what you had to say, we might link to it later in post of our own.