If you’re trying to reach busy, tired working moms with your message about a new product, website, branding campaign, promotion, contest, sale, etc., good luck. It’s hard, but not impossible, to communicate with someone who has a kid in one arm, laptop in another, iPhone in her ear and 1,001 to-do’s on her list at any given time.

As busy as they are, though, working moms make time for us. Because they feel guilty. Or because they don’t. They have five minutes to scarf down lunch at their desk and need to read something online that makes them feel normal. Whatever the reason, our readers carve a bit of their diced-up days to spend with the Working Moms Against Guilt community. We try to provide them with as much entertainment, knowledge, comfort and good stuff as we can.

Public Relations

While our posts are often personal in nature–i.e., our own experiences as working moms–we also like to inform working moms about cool products, services and other stuff that:

  • Make mom’s work/life easier, more fun, or better in some way
  • Help her kids out at home, school or out-n-about, from infancy to teens
  • Equip her partner/husband to be a better, more supportive, happier guy and dad

If your PR pitch/campaign delivers on one or more of these objectives, do send it our way. Simply email us at to get the ball rolling. We very well may write about it as a Friday Find, WMAG Likes It! product feature, or other editorial context.


We’re always open to partnerships with advertisers and sponsors who are a good fit for Working Moms Against Guilt. Our readers are moms (natch), with babies to school-age kids living in their homes. Most, but certainly not all, work in professional situations, and they have money to spend on your stuff (if it’s worth their time and hard-earned bucks).

Below are some ways we can work with sponsors. If you have other creative ideas, we’re open to hearing them.

  • Display ads (individual placements or site takeover)
  • Weekly email newsletter sponsorships
  • Joint contests/giveaways
  • Sponsored posts/announcements
  • Sponsored updates on our social platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)

Please contact us at to let us know if you’d like to be an advertiser/sponsor of Working Moms Against Guilt.