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We’re Working Moms Against Guilt, and we approve these working mom resources.

60 top working mom blogs


We’re sharing these particular blogs and websites because they’re either written by working moms, or for us, or on topics that relate to us. (Always open to more suggestions, so if you know of a great blog for this list, send it our way.)



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Here are a few of our faves for reading on real paper or tablet, whatever you prefer.




We think more companies and non-profits should focus their efforts on helping working mothers and families … but these are a good start. Check ‘em out, and if you’d like nominate a mom-friendly workplace or nonprofit, tell us about it.

  • Alliance for Work-Life Progress: Advances work-life as part of an integrated total rewards strategy. This alliance defines and acknowledges best practices and innovation, facilitates dialogue, and elevates work-life thought leadership.
  • Families and Work Institute: Nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization that studies the changing workforce, family and community. As a preeminent think-tank, FWI is known for being ahead of the curve, identifying emerging issues, and then conducting rigorous research that often challenges common wisdom, provides insight and knowledge.
  • Flex+Strategy Group: For almost two decades, they’ve answered the questions and created the cutting edge solutions at the intersection of strategic work flexibility for business and work+life fit for people.
  • Mom Corps: Professional talent acquisition and career development firm. Companies of all sizes trust Mom Corps as their go-to resource for finding experienced professionals. Mom Corps helps these companies leverage a loyal talent network of over 150,000 candidates, their networks of like-minded individuals, and traditional recruiting methods to find high-caliber talent for organizations.
  • Mom-Mentum: A non-profit organization providing leadership, education, and advocacy to support mothers in meeting today’s personal and professional challenges.
  • Moms Rising: A transformative online and on-the-ground multicultural organization of more than million members and over a hundred aligned organizations working to increase family economic security, to end discrimination against women and mothers, and to build a nation where both businesses and families can thrive.
  • Nest Consultants:  Flesché Tuller Hesch coaches small and medium-sized business clients (especially moms) to help them successfully run their own businesses and spend more time with their kids.
  • Re:Gender: Formerly the National Council on Research for Women, Re:Gender works to end gender inequity and discrimination against girls and women by exposing root causes and advancing research-informed action.
  • The Shriver Report: A multi-platform nonprofit media initiative led by Maria Shriver that seeks to modernize America’s relationship to women. The Shriver Report is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary look at how American families live and work today, giving clear insight into one of the most important social trends of our time: the emergence of women into all areas of society.
  • Truly Accomplished: Offers measurement solutions that maximize your motivation by helping you clarify what you want – even when you’re not sure – and prioritizing your efforts. As you track your results, immediate feedback shows you what you’ve accomplished and where to focus next for the most benefit. Meet our powerful, positive, guilt-free, all-business-but-actually-fun-to-use tools.
  • Work and Family Researchers Network: International membership organization of interdisciplinary work and family researchers. The WFRN also welcomes the participation of policy makers and practitioners as it seeks to promote knowledge and understanding of work and family issues among the community of global stakeholders.

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