Blog Reboot: Say Hello to Our New Contributors

Hard to believe, but this blog has been around for a while–since 2006. That’s like middle age in blog years.

In that time, Sara, Tela and I have been doing our thang, sharing stories of working motherhood, guilt ‘n’ stuff. Cara moved on from the blog, and Becky came on board.

Call it a mid-life crisis, but we thought it was high time for a Working Moms Against Guilt reboot. Throw in some fresh faces and perspectives. Mix up the motherhood. See what happens.

Please put your hands together and give a warm WMAG welcome to our newest contributors, Reine, Casey, Sara J. and Kathy:


You can learn more about them, as well as us “old timers,” on our Meet the Moms page.

And be on the lookout for new folks joining the WMAG family soon. We’re on a roll, baby!

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Susan Wenner Jackson
Susan Wenner Jackson is a writer and mom who gets paid to obsess over Pinterest and blogs for Ahalogy, a Cincinnati-based startup. She lives in her hometown of West Chester, Ohio, with her husband, two young children, and their dog.
Susan Wenner Jackson
Susan Wenner Jackson
Susan Wenner Jackson
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