3 Loving Push Presents for a New Mom

Baby and mother

By Marnie Caswell

It’s about time Mom got the props she deserves for all her hard work. The weight gain, morning sickness, swollen hands and feet and strenuous act of giving birth surely warrants a delightful gift from the new dad. His hips won’t be wider for his efforts, nor will he have to switch to wearing a tankini to hide the stretch marks. A rockin’ push present is pretty much the least he could do.

Classic Jewelry

It’s unlikely that normal, everyday dads will be able to give a push present of the stars. Apparently jewelry is the push present of choice for the rich and famous, but if you got the greenbacks, why not spring for a $300,000 canary diamond ring, like Marc Anthony gave to Jenny from the Block when her push produced twins? Hey, Nicole Kidman didn’t even have to push to get the $120,000 cross necklace from doting husband Keith Urban when a surrogate bore them their daughter, according to LearnVest.

If Benjamin hasn’t taken up residence in your bank account, Parents.com lists a few jewelry options that are just as sentimental but more affordable, such as a charm bracelet with a locket to hold a picture of your little one, a sterling silver birthstone ring or a set of dog tags: one etched with your baby’s name and Mom’s name on the other.

Treasured Furniture

Mom’s going to spend countless nights and early mornings with the newest member of your family. Furniture that makes the new schedule easier — or at least more comfortable while you’re getting used to it — is a thoughtful choice for a push present. Just think how grateful she’ll be to come home from the hospital to find you shopped the recliners at macys.com before she delivered to arrange a delivery of your own. Even a comfy rocking chair is a push present that she’ll cherish long after the baby is too big to be rocked. Think of it this way: since you’ll be pitching in with baby care, you’ll get some use out of this type of push present, too.

Mama’s Brand-New Bag

Maybe it goes without saying that any gift for Tori Spelling should be designer, but not all papas have to spend over $1,500 on a bag for the new mommy. Just cruise Pinterest to get ideas for oversized bags that are big enough to haul around all of the baby’s earthly belongings yet still be stylish enough to double as a purse for mom. Be sure there’s plenty of pockets inside and out to stash everything in the free world.

Arguably, the baby is the reward for the pregnancy, and truly he or she is a gift that will keep on giving. But when the pregnancy is finally complete and the ordeal of giving birth is over, mom deserves some indulgent pampering. Something to remind her in the years to come that, at least for a brief moment, Dad understood and showed his appreciation with something more than a playful shoulder-punch and a hearty “atta girl!”

Marnie Caswell is a mom and blogger from the Midwest.

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