A Beautiful Parenting Mess

Yesterday started like any other, until it was time to get dressed and my two year old son lost his mind.

Is it just me?  Or do any other moms also look forward to the quiet drive from childcare/preschool to work (even if it’s only a 7 minute drive away) because there’s peace and quiet and no one calling (or in my case screaming) “mommy, mommy!” 72 continuous times in a row, or maybe it’s because I can listen to one top 40 song before I get to my office as opposed to the current dino song, The Dinosaur Stomp by Mikey’s Band – and don’t get me wrong, it is a great song (and available for download on iTunes), but I am forced to play it over and over and over again in the car for my son (anything to prevent him from having a breakdown or throwing a tantrum while traveling the short distance from home to preschool – seriously ANYTHING) – really, am I the only one who gives in????  I mean, you can’t do much while the back seat is like a toddler tornado of screaming and tears – so you suck it up, pay attention to the road and drive through it, or sing along to The Dinosaur Stomp.  

Some days those few precious minutes of alone-ness in my car can be the highlight of my day …. it is in these moments that I look forward to work and spending some quality time with other adults in the work force … then after 8 hours of those people, I am sincerely looking forward to the next best highlight of my day: when I drive back to preschool for the end of day pick-up and the happy screams (literally screams of sheer excitement because I came back to pick him up – he must honestly think one day I won’t come back for him) of “it’s MY mommy!” joy which he yells in his cute little voice makes my soul soar.  Then he runs over and jumps into my waiting arms, gives me a hug, drags me to his cubby to get the project he made and we head merrily out the door towards home – it’s these moments that will stick in my memory bank forever and always.

Then, while swimming in my joy of happy memories being made, suddenly I feel guilty for looking forward to dropping him at school earlier, BUT 6.5 seconds after he is securely strapped into his car-seat and I am pulling out into traffic something happens, maybe a piece of dust landed on his nail or something, I don’t know, but whatever it is, a tantrum ensues and I’m looking forward to tomorrow morning drop-off all over again … That is until I’m snuggling him to sleep and he tells me over and over and over again how much he loves me.  Nope, I NEVER, EVER get tired of those moments.

This is what I call a beautiful parenting mess.

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8 thoughts on “A Beautiful Parenting Mess

  1. I agree. I like my peace and quiet but I’m also thankful to have quality time with both my kids AND my co-workers. I guess I can’t imagine life any other way. Except… I did have a conversation earlier today with a co-worker that ended with me saying, “Well, that was back when I was tan and a size 10 and had more time and money than I knew what to do with.” I guess I might imagine that life again once in a while too….

    1. Angela Adriatico says:

      Angie: hahahahaha …. you just made me flash back to a smaller/fitter image of me 🙂 and THANK YOU for letting me know I am NOT alone in this.

  2. Angela – This was touchy… You almost brought tears to my eyes by the last sentence!

    1. Angela Adriatico says:

      thank you …. 😉

  3. Joni Clifford says:

    Angela – I am a happy, wonderful parenting mess too! I enjoy my quiet time in the car too! But at times I find myself singing along to their Rocknoserous CD after I’ve dropped them off without even knowing it! =) I also enjoy having a quiet cup of coffee at my desk while I catch up on email and the ability to sit down and focus on something for more than 5 seconds before the “mommy” comes! Sometimes the people I work with can be more of a toddler than my toddler. And I embrace the time with both!

    1. Angela Adriatico says:

      HAHAHA – YES! I have found myself ‘forgetting’ to change the music after drop-off at times, and sometimes it brings some of those good/fun/happy memories to mind. We are so NOT alone in this 🙂

  4. Katie.Sewell says:

    I definitely look forward to that quiet cup of coffee at work. I dont even enjoy coffee at home anymore because by the time I actually get to drink it without a toddler trying to spill it, it’s cold and gross.

    1. Angela Adriatico says:

      COLD coffee=yuck (unless it was supposed to be iced 😉

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