Elfing ourselves at work

A Different Twist on My Holiday Schedule

Elfing ourselves at work

I’m working on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve this year.

But I’m not writing this post to complain. Far from it!

I’m dang glad to have my job. Not only do I get to work with hilarious, smart, kind people (I call them my “work family”), but I also have the chance to use my skills and creativity every day in my work. I’m paid well and get fantastic benefits. Not much to bitch about.

And as you may recall, I suffered through a nasty case of shingles back in early November, which kept me away from the office for a full week (paid). My colleagues made it really easy for me to be away, working remotely when I wasn’t battling horrific pain in my nerves.

So I felt it was only fair to volunteer to “woman” the copy desk here at my agency on the two eves, when most of my coworkers would be elsewhere with family and friends. Our office is open, and someone needs to be here “just in case.” Writing emergencies do happen, people.

Like many professionals, I get Christmas and New Year’s Day off as paid holidays (our offices are closed, writing emergencies be damned). Other than that, I don’t have holiday time scheduled off.

I am, however, taking off the three days following New Year’s Day as vacation days.

Why then, you ask? From prior years’ experience, I know how crazed things can be over the holidays. After all the gifting, parties, family togetherness and quality kid time, I’m usually fried and ready for a break.

This year, I will give myself that break. With the kids back in school/childcare, I can tackle my mess of a house and possibly start 2013 off with a little bit of momentum instead of lagging behind.

A teeny, tiny piece of me feels a wee bit guilty that I won’t be home more over the holidays with my kids. But I’ve lined up a whole lot of fun for them, between holiday camps, Grandma time and their favorite sitters. Plus, my husband will do plenty of Dad Duty.

And sometimes, I just have to stake a claim on my time for me. Believe me, I am grateful I have the opportunity.

How about your work schedule this holiday season? Are you feeling good about how and where your time will be spent?

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