A Little Vacation

I’m sorry this blog’s been a little inactive lately. Perhaps you’ve noticed a few dustbunnies blowing by (just like home!) I must confess, I took a little vacation. Two, actually.

First, my husband, daughter and I headed to Chicago for a long weekend to celebrate my friends’ wedding. Cassie was the flower girl, and we had a ball watching her do her thing and enjoy the “big city.”

Then, I made the long journey from Cincinnati to Wilmington, NC, with our two kids in tow (Jay stayed home to work) to visit my BFF Andrea. You really haven’t been tested as a parent until you drive 14 hours with two young kids in the back — and everyone lives to tell the tale.

We had fun and enjoyed the time away. It was much-needed. Now I’m trying to get back into work mode and get a handle on my multitasking life again — including blogging.

Just wanted you to know I missed y’all and will now be back in action. Hope you’re staying cool and getting a little vacation time of your own (at some point).

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