A New Part-time Gig

Awhile back I started looking for additional work since my husband’s pay had been cut by 40 percent. I did what most job hunters do: I went searching on career sites like Monster.com and Careerbuilders.com. Low and behold, what came up? Nothing. Nada. Nil. Zip. You get the point.

This isn’t much surprise since so many people are unemployed. Finding work is no easy task, part-time included. And with childcare cost to weigh in, it seemed almost impossible to find a part-time job that was worth it. So I applied to a handful of odd jobs that had flexible schedules and wouldn’t interfere too much with my freelance work. I got no response.

Finally, I sent out an email to my friends to keep an eye out for me. I didn’t think there was much chance anything would come out of it. But, I lucked out. A close friend knew of a part-time opening that sounded perfect. Sure enough, I applied, interviewed, and got the job.

Now, it’s been three weeks at the new gig and so far so good. I work three days a week in the marketing department of a local university. Although the position is considered temporary for now, I can feel a little bit more financially secure for the time being. We’re still sticking to a strict budget, and putting all my freelance income straight into savings. As of right now (knock on wood) things are looking up. If everything goes as planned, my husband should be back up to full-time pay again by summer.

So, I can let out a big “whew” for now. That is, until life throws us another curve ball.

4 thoughts on “A New Part-time Gig

  1. I’ve had A LOT of jobs, and every single one of them I found through a personal contact. Nothing, not even a fancy website, beats the word of mouth network. Congratulations on your new gig!

  2. You’re right, DemMom. Networking and word of mouth is the way to go. Thanks!

  3. Congratulations, Cara! I’m really happy that you’re feeling more secure! Plus, the job sounds like fun.

  4. Kim Moldofsky says:

    A 40% pay cut? Ouch!

    I so glad to hear a friend helped you out. That is the way to go.

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