A Prayer for One of My Favorite Moms

My best friend Andrea’s mom, Linda, is at war with some seriously nasty cancer. Right now, she’s in one of her toughest battles since being diagnosed last year. This woman is one of the sweetest, coolest moms I ever knew, and I would do anything to help her. I think the only thing I can do at this point is pray for her, and ask all the people I know on the Internets to join in.

No matter what your religion (or lack thereof), I hope you will send up your good thoughts and prayers to the universe for Linda–today and in the coming days, too. She can use all the positive thinking and love in the world. Let’s try to give it to her.

Thanks, blog friends!


2 thoughts on “A Prayer for One of My Favorite Moms

  1. just4ofus says:

    That is very sad. She is in our prayers.

  2. I’ll keep her in our prayers.

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