Casey, busy mom, napping in the van.

Napping in the Van: A Tip for Busy Mothers

I wish I had all the answers for busy mothers about finding time to take care of yourselves. But like all of us working moms, I’m being pulled in 100 directions. So I have resorted to being sneaky about taking care of myself.

Casey, busy mother, napping in the van.
Casey, busy mom, napping in the van.

Why do I have advice for working moms?

Well, you know that lady that you see at daycare, sweating already at 7:30 in the morning and not because she’s been to the gym? Or the mother who is running after one toddler in heels while carrying another and screaming for the third kid to stay put? That’s me. I’m Casey Stump, mother to toddler twins, a preschooler, a diabetic cat, a puppy, and 6 chickens. I’m a wife, a daughter, and to complicate it all I work with my husband and father in our family business.

This not a complaint. I’m super happy to be all of those things, (OK – about 90% of the time), but I feel like I’m constantly playing catch up. I had unrealistic expectations for working motherhood. I thought I could maintain my loyalty to the business, give my kids everything they need and keep my marriage fresh and alive. Boy was I wrong. And even worse – I’m pretty sure my family is not aware that I am my own person. There are nights when they literally would not allow me to pee if it weren’t for the fact that I lock them out of the bathroom.

As a result, I have learned to be a little sneaky about finding time for myself. Every once in a while I get a pedicure before I pick up the kids from preschool. Or one of my favorites – I take a 20 minute nap in the van in the Whole Foods parking lot next to preschool. If you go in for milk and put on your sunglasses while you nap, you might even fool a few people.  Or maybe not.

But I think I could be better at finding some more time. So I ask you, busy working moms, what do you do to find more time to yourself? Do you rise before the kids to get a walk or run in? Do you have a housekeeper? Do you put the kids to bed way too early when you have had enough? Do you turn on the TV and pretend that they aren’t watching more than you told your pediatrician at their last well check – we all lie about this one, it’s OK.

How do you take care of yourself? I would love to hear from you!  Comment below.


7 thoughts on “Napping in the Van: A Tip for Busy Mothers

  1. Katie.Sewell says:

    I started finally going for runs again in the morning before everyone gets up. I can usually sneak in a shower immediately afterwards (double bonus!). To get time with the hubby, we leave our kid with the neighbor some Saturday afternoons and go out for lunch, or a walk, or just hang out together…. alone…

    I do also pop in a DVD and hope that the kiddo watches it for FIVE EFFING MINUTES so I can finish the dishes. I realize a 1-year old shouldnt watch TV, but seriously, it’s better than him grabbing a knife out of the dishwasher when I have my back turned.

    1. When I was more motivated I would get up and exercise before the kids got up. But I have one kiddo who knows when you breathe louder than usual and leaves his crib. So much fun when they start climbing out on their own! I need neighbors like yours! We have an awesome group of ladies in our neighborhood but when you leave 3 kids with someone you feel obligated to leave a deposit for any physical or emotional damage they may inflict.

      And about your 1 year old watching TV… So guilty! How else are you supposed to get anything done.

  2. Belinda Heys says:

    I started walking/running in the evening while the kids are the shower with Daddy. I also have someone come and clean every Monday. I have learned I just can’t do it all. Rather spend time with the kids than clean! Plus it is a bonus to come home to a spotless house Monday evening. Even if it is only clean for 5 minutes!

    1. I use a service too about once a month. It does feel good to come home to a clean house. I have been known to tell the kids that the playroom is broken after a cleaning has been done. Luckily they believe me. Although I think the 4 year old is catching on.

  3. As a pregnant mom to a four year old I have also started napping in the car. My son takes a nap at daycare but never on the weekend. So, sometimes we go for “ice cream” and miraculously we end up back at home about an hour later and the ice cream store is closed. He usually naps for a while and mommy got in a cat nap and also read part of a book or responded to emails.

  4. Congrats on your pregnancy! I feel you on the naps. I think I slept month 19 of my sons life away thanks to pregnancy exhaustion. I’m 27 weeks post partum and still napping. My trick is Netflix on the iPad. As long as he lays next to me I can half consciously hear if he is watching Caillou or Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Thank goodness for their separate kids section!

  5. I bring my daughter with me to get pedicures! It’s a little ridiculous, a 6 year old getting her toes done right next to me. But hey. It means I get one, too. AND I don’t have to cut her toenails, which always ends up in screaming and tears.

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