A Whole New World

So I’ve been working on my own for a few weeks now and it’s going alright. I’ve kept pretty busy with some work. Plus, I’ve been crafting like a mad woman. I did three craft shows in the last month. So between work and making Muffles, I’ve been busy, busy, busy. 

Luckily my mom and MIL are still available to watch the kids two days a week. Having the kids out of the house on those days helps a lot. I love the little buggers, but you can’t expect to get much done when they’re around. 
The days I’ve worked at home alone were a little weird.  So quiet! One morning, I went to Panera to write. The surrounding commotion was actually nice. It was like sitting in my old cube again at the office. As much as it could be distracting, it was nice to hear people around.
One thing I realize is I need to setup some kind of new routine. As crazy-busy as I was when I was working away from home, having a routine was nice. Now, I feel a little unsettled. I have trouble remembering what’s going on when, and what day it is for that matter. 
And, I just can’t relax. My friend, Suzi said the other night she can’t relax in her own home. Me, too! I feel like I have to be doing something all the time. If I’m not writing, I’m crafting. If I’m not crafting, I’m cleaning. If I’m not cleaning, I’m thinking about painting a room. It never ends. At that rate, you’d think I’d be sitting in some immaculate, well-kept home. I’m not. My home is messier than ever. 
But, c’est la vie. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

5 thoughts on “A Whole New World

  1. I’m glad things are falling into place, Cala (they are, right?)

    Your post reminds me of the fears I have around freelancing–I’d feel I’d have to work all.the.time. At least with a 9 to 5 job I can get all self-righteous and say “I need to be with my son–I can’t do that!” But with freelancing, I’d feel like I couldn’t do that so much. But then again, I’d be with him a lot more.

    Like you say, C’est la vie.

  2. You’re so right about the messy house. My husband seemed to think I had time to tidy up, since I’m home all the time. I had to make it clear that, yes, I’m home. But I’m working. On busy days, I barely have time to grab a sandwich.

    I have a “second office” at a local coffee shop. It’s a great place to go, away from the distractions of home, and a nice change of scenery. You should meet me there sometime to work!

  3. I find working at home to be much easier when Cassie’s not home. If she’s there–even if Jay is watching her–I’m very distracted. I, too, do much better when my only responsibility is to work (at Panera, the office, or wherever).

    I’m so glad it’s working out for you, Cara!

  4. It sounds like you have a few bugs to work out in your plan. I guess it is good to know you have a dedicated family backing you (even though it seems not to be that way sometimes). It is a busy world, and with kids in the picture time between work and family should be seperated. Trying to do both at once will pull a person to pieces.
    Reading your blogs reminds me of my own personal journal, which I go back to & read occasionally. It is good to have this outlet to help us understand each other better.
    You are doing a great job!

    Your best pal,

  5. crib notes says:

    I can relate to your feelings. It is hard for me to sit still while being home. It may be a sense of obligation I feel towards being home all day instead of being at an office. Thanks for sharing! I enjoy reading these blogs…

    Halie (a brand new mom) @ http://www.newmomsclub.blogspot.com

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