A Working Mom’s Dream Come True: I Got Me a Cleaning Lady!

Like pretty much every working mom I know, my house is not as clean as I’d like it to be. Not by a long shot.

There are spider webs dangling from the ceilings, furry tumbleweeds in the corners, dusty shelves, bathtubs overdue for a good scrubbing, etc. Between working (yes, from home, but still working) and kids, I simply don’t have the time or energy to be Mr. Clean. For years, I’ve done the best I could to wrangle the mess and maintain at least surface presentability. But inside, I think to myself, It’s not clean enough and I hope no one notices.

No longer, my friends! I have finally taken the step I’ve always dreamed of but never quite had the budget or chutzpah to take: I hired a cleaning lady. She starts next Monday with a “deep, whole-house clean,” followed by biweekly maintenance cleaning.

I am thrilled about this for a number of reasons. Obviously, it means my house will be truly clean from top to bottom. And I don’t have to do it, so I can focus on what I really want, like growing my business and enjoying my time with family and friends. Bonus: The cleaning lady — who was heartily recommended by a friend who’s been her client for years — is a self-employed working mom/grandmother. I feel good about supporting WMAG-owned businesses! (Cincinnati readers, let me know if you want her name and number.)

A professional cleaning service may not be for everyone, or in everyone’s budget. But it’s less expensive than a lot of people think (I’m paying less than $100 a pop) and will free me of a household burden I’ve dreaded for so long. I can’t wait to stop worrying about my dustbunnies and cobwebs, and start feeling secure about the state of my house!

12 thoughts on “A Working Mom’s Dream Come True: I Got Me a Cleaning Lady!

  1. I need her details. We had a lady about a year ago, but had to let her go when she kept cancelling (long drama story). Anyway we've been without for too long.

  2. Congrats! We had a cleaning service for awhile, but I just can't make it work with our budget right now. Health insurance, routine doctor bills (we have a high deductible), car repairs, clothing for grownups and kids, various and sundry school expenses… by the end of the month I can't find the $ for a cleaner. So I do my best to do it myself. And wow… I hate it. Plus, I feel like my house is never clean enough. Instead of Christmas gifts this year, I think I'm going to ask my husband, parents and other family to pool what they'd normally spend on me and get me several months worth of cleaning. It would seriously make my year!

  3. Susan, I also live frugally as a working mom, but finally bit the bullet about a year ago to get a cleaning lady. BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE FOR MYSELF! I finally did the math. I was spending 16+ hrs a day working/chores/being mom/wife/sister/volunteer at church/etc/etc/etc. and literally had NO time left for me or hubby (or sleep)and was feeling burned out BIG TIME! I hired the wife of my son's coach who cleans homes (and came HIGHLY recommended) She comes every other week on Friday so my house is nice for the weekend. She is less than $100. And if I work through my lunch for three days over the course of those two weeks.. she is paid for in full. Done, done and DONE!
    Congratulations on taking this step for YOU!

    1. Lois Smalley says:

      Can you tell me where your cleaning person is located and if she has room in her schedule for another house to clean? I live in Loveland and am looking for someone.

      I would have requested info from Susan about the mom/grandmother she just hired, but don’t think her cleaner would want to drive all the way from West Chester to Loveland where I live.


  4. Thanks all for lovin, not judgin! It's the WMAG way. Monday's cleaning can't come soon enough.

  5. Ha, Susan, you've inspired me – after complaining that I don't have money, I looked at what I've spent over the past two weeks, and a surprisingly big amount when to McDs, BK and other such places. I don't consider myself a big fast food eater, but apparently I'm making more drive-through stops than I'd thought. $5 here and there adds up fast. I'm going to see if I can trim some of that out and scratch out some cash for a cleaner. I'll do an experiment starting next month when I've got a fresh paycheck, and then I'll report back.

  6. GratefulTwinMom says:

    Here's another benefit–you're giving someone else a job too. Way to pay your own good fortune forward!

  7. I have no guilt over paying someone to clean my house, but I had never thought about it as employing another working mom! Added bonus! Thanks!

  8. Good for you, Susan. You will fall in love. Mondays are going to become your favorite day of the week!

  9. Good for you, I had a problem in cleaning my entire house also, since I am a working mom and everytime I stayed at home for 8 long hours like on sundays, I wanted to clean but like the way you felt, I dont have energy to do that. "Cleaning Lady" really helped us do the house hold chores. 🙂

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