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Are you interested in becoming a regular contributor to Working Moms Against Guilt? You’ll have the chance to influence and connect with hundreds of thousands of working moms who read this blog. Plus, you get exclusive access to lots of cool opportunities.

Please note: WMAG’s current income from advertising helps us “keep the lights on,” but is not enough to pay contributors. We hope to change this as our site grows and we’re able to expand our monetization.

What we’re looking for

Our team of writers is a pretty cool group of ladies with at least one thing in common: we’re all working moms, and we’re philosophically opposed to feeling guilty about it. But we also have plenty of unique and different aspects of our lives, work, and families that shape our individual points of view.

Right now, WMAG is very keen to broaden our team and bring new voices and ideas into the mix. We’re specifically interested in applicants who could help introduce one or more of the following perspectives to the blog:

  • Racial diversity
  • Strong faith/religious conviction
  • Sexual diversity
  • Range of ages (we’ve pretty much got the 30s covered)
  • Nontraditional family situation
  • Special needs consideration
  • Cultural/language differences
  • Different types of work (other than white-collar professional desk job)
  • Other unique background, life story, or POV

Why does this matter to us? Because we want WMAG to be part of the solution toward a more diverse media. The Leadership Conference defines a “diverse media” as:

“… one that is inclusive of minorities and women in content (what we see and hear), employment (who writes, reports and produces what we see and hear), and, most importantly, ownership (who owns the companies that dictate what we see and hear) so that the stories of all Americans can be told, and the voices of all Americans can be heard.”

So if you love to write, want to share your working mom stories, and believe your voice could help expand our readers’ horizons, please complete and submit the application below. We’re always interested in considering new folks to join our team.