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Ever since the school year started, I’m experiencing a whole new level of busy and guilt. (There’s that word again.) I’ve never relied on my calendar so much to help me figure out what day it is and what’s going on. Not only is work busy as usual, but now our weeknights have been filled with homework and after-school activities. And I fear… This is just the beginning.

My oldest is only a first grader, so for the most part homework has taken up a half-hour of our time each night. And with both kids in soccer, we have our share of practices and games to go to. But, we’ve taken on more responsibilities as “active parents” at our kids’ school. I had no intention of becoming the head coach of my son’s soccer team, yet nobody else stepped up. Now, I’m not only a soccer mom, I’m head soccer mom. Coordinating practices, getting organized for games, and looking like a nutball on the sidelines as I shout orders to kids who rather play in the mud than kick a ball.

Then there’s cub scouts. We were hesitant about letting our son join in the first place. But he was so excited about it, we thought maybe we could squeeze it in. Little did we know at the informational meeting the scout leaders would round up the parents and literally put us on the spot to step up as den leader. Parents fumbled for excuses of why they couldn’t take on the responsibility. Then they got to my husband, and although he expressed his hesitation, we somehow left with the den leader handbook. Suckered again.

Sure, I want to be involved in my kids’ school and activities as much as possible, but there’s only so much you can take on. Have you had similar situations? Do you find yourself busier than ever now with the kids in school?

3 thoughts on “Active Parents

  1. Girl, are you my neighbor?
    Lets see, I have two boys in grade 3 and 1. Both are in football, hubby coaches, both are in scouts. That doesn't include the time I volunteer at the church and Hubby's after work management duties… I literally get up at 4:45 in the morning and crash at 10 every night. And the guilt… ooh the guilt because my house is dirty, we live out of laundry baskets, we eat too much fast food…. it never ends.

  2. We're definitely in the same neighborhood. 🙂

    I'm currently trying to wade through the mountain of laundry that's built up in the last week. But, one bit of good news: All soccer games tomorrow are canceled because of too much rain. Hooray!

  3. Menopausal Mom says:

    Yes! Way too open I open my mouth before my brain has a chance to snap it shut. I wish I could stop. I don't want to get overloaded but I want to be involved. Hard to find a clear delineation of the two! Great post!

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