12 Energy-Burning Activities for Boys

If you like a good challenge, then being a boy mom is right up your alley. Here are 12 fun activities for boys to help them burn all that extra energy.

Little boys are precious. Loving. Sometimes gross. But inventive. Courageous. And the sweetest little human beings to ever give you a hug.

Little girls are sweet, too, but there’s just something about little boys.

The energy. Where does it come from? We need to burn energy!

Always hungry. Where do they put all that food? The food gives them energy!

The love. Mama’s boy, ahhh. They are SO affectionate! And so energetic!

As they start to grow to be bigger little boys, the energy abounds, even after hours of play or all day at school. I get tired just watching little boys. But if you’re a mom who likes a good challenge, then being a boy mom is right up your alley. The challenge is, how to burn some of that energy! Whether that be after school, on a rainy day, or just throughout the weekend, here are some activities for boys that will help wear them out.

If you like a good challenge, then being a boy mom is right up your alley. Here are 12 fun activities for boys to help them burn all that extra energy.

Home Depot

The best thing about this recommendation is it’s FREE. Yes, Home Depot offers workshops for kids where they build a project for FREE. They also get a cute orange apron to bring home. Workshops are offered the first Saturday every month. Check the Home Depot website for workshops in your area.


Lowe’s offers a FREE kids’ Build and Grow clinic where your little one can build a project too. My family hasn’t done one of these workshops at Lowe’s yet, but it’s on our immediate to-do list to check out.

Dave and Busters

If your kid loves video games, skee ball, air hockey, or the chance to earn tickets and get a prize, Dave and Busters can burn some serious energy. While this is not a free option, there’s plenty to do for the whole family. You can put money on a declining balance card and play games as a family.


Y-M-C-A. It’s fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A … for organized soccer, T-ball, or basketball. If you’d like your son to burn some energy for a solid hour and you’d like to meet some other moms, the YMCA is a great place to start. You’ll also get team pictures of your little boy in uniform that are adorbs (moms love pics).

Local fire station

What little boy isn’t completed wowed by fire trucks and firefighters? Depending where you live, your local fire station may have some free events. So it’s a good idea to see if you can hold a birthday party at a fire station in your local town or when you may be able to come by for a tour. Our town has a miniature village that offers trick-or-treating and Christmas activities, as well as bike safety for bigger kids. See what your local fire station has for kiddos.

Pumpkin patch

While this is a fall activity, pumpkin patches usually start well before Halloween and last up to Thanksgiving. Pumpkin patches may offer hayrides, hay mazes, pumpkin launches, bounce houses, and more. And don’t forget picking out the family pumpkins. This is a great activity that can soak up some energy. And, many pumpkin patches have FREE admission.


I was a huge tomboy growing up, so this is legit. If you haven’t taken your son fishing, what’s stopping you? Forget about slimy worms. Bait your son’s hook with raw hot dogs! You can also use chicken livers (almost as gross as worms, IMO), but they work. Find a local lake that allows fishing and enjoy the outdoors. Of course you’ll need to read up on what to do if your son actually catches a fish, but it’s sure to be a hit and possibly a repeat outdoor activity for your family.

The park

Duh, I know. But, this is another FREE energy-absorbing place, so it has to be on the list. Other than the gas it may cost you to drive to a park, if you don’t have one within walking distance, parks have plenty of room where you can kick around a soccer ball or master some Frisbee skills. You will likely find plenty of swing sets and slides to keep your little guy engaged too.

Middle or high school track

Kind of like a park, but a circle of endless room to run. You can play a game of tag, or start training for cross-country. It will be cool to go to the big kids’ school and decrease some of that energy. And again, it’s FREE.

Build a sandbox

If you like a good challenge, then being a boy mom is right up your alley. Here are 12 fun activities for boys to help them burn all that extra energy.

Tomboy speaking, I had a homemade sandbox and entertained myself for hours. Give a boy some plastic buckets and shovels, and he’s good, Mom. You can chill right beside him and snap some photos of all the cool things he builds. Building the sandbox could be a great activity for Dad, or Dad and son together, depending on your child’s age.

Throwing ice

Never would’ve crossed my mind to try this, but thanks to this creative mommy blogger with several other great ideas, I found a new and super simple activity to propose to my son. How cool is throwing ice? Just put some ice in a plastic bowl, go outside, and let your little boy throw some ice. Who cares? It’s ice. You know all your neighbors will be jealous they didn’t think of that.

Sidewalk chalk

This too entertains my son for a good chunk of time. He loves to draw and tell stories through pictures, and it’s something fun for both of us. It can get clothes a little messy, but the fun and energy burning are well worth some extra laundry.

There are lots of ways to keep kids busy and entertained, but little boys require a whole other level of energy burning. If you have other creative ideas on how to burn up some energy in little men, share with everyone in the comments below. #BurnEnergy

If you like a good challenge, then being a boy mom is right up your alley. Here are 12 fun activities for boys to help them burn all that extra energy.

5 thoughts on “12 Energy-Burning Activities for Boys

  1. Great ideas, and I would argue, perfectly suitable for girls, too (my daughter is the overactive one, not my son!).

  2. why would this be advertised just for boys? C’mon! Let’s stop the gender stereotyping on both sides. Girls have energy too, and would love all of these activities too.

    1. Hey, Ack, feel free to use these for your daughter. I didn’t get any laws passed banning them for females. God Bless.

  3. I didn’t know about the workshops at Lowe’s and Home Depot. I will definitely have to take the kids to check those out, especially with the weather getting cooler. Thanks for the tips!

  4. Melissa Poole says:

    What about cycling? 🙂 It’s enough to teach your kid how to ride a bike once and you’ll never see him again! Joking 😀
    But still, that’s one of the best activitie for a boy + it allows to grow healty.

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