Adventures in Social Distancing

As the reality of living with coronavirus/COVID-19 sinks in, we’re all learning to adapt our lives for proper “social distancing.” Staying away from each other is our best chance of minimizing the death toll from this global pandemic. But keeping apart from other humans generally runs counter to our evolutionary instincts and cultural touchstones.

Since it seems like we’re going to be doing this social distancing thing for a while (weeks? months?), we thought it might be worth sharing what we experience during this weird, wild, nerve-wracking period of human history. That’s why Working Moms Against Guilt created this blog series we’re calling “Adventures in Social Distancing.” Each post in the series will highlight some aspect of life as a working mom during COVID-19: funny moments, unexpected side benefits, scary stuff, signs of hope, things you never thought you’d say/do/witness in your lifetime. The whole shebang.

Without further ado, let the adventures begin!

Exploring Our Own Backyard