All the Annoying Phrases Used to Describe the Economy

I’m as bummed as the next gal about our sucky economy and its sucky outlook. But if I hear one of the following phrases to describe it in the media ONE MORE TIME …. Argh!!!

“These tough economic times”

“Economic downturn”

“Troubled economic times”

“The worst economic crisis of our lifetime”

“Because of the economy”

“The down-market economy”

“Now more than ever …”

Shut up, already. We all know the economy is in bad shape. Everyone freakin’ knows. Just tell us some good news and what’s being done to turn things around. Quit wasting our time with horrible cliches, please!

Rant over.

2 thoughts on “All the Annoying Phrases Used to Describe the Economy

  1. I could not have said it better myself!!!

  2. I completely agree… but they make us say this stuff. Let’s come up with some more interesting ones at least…
    -“Hey, it’s not as bad as the Great Depression (yet).”
    -“Grub season is coming — mmm, lunch!”.

    You can do it! Be positive!

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