All Work and No Play?

I’m fascinated by the way my pre-schooler absorbs my words, actions and even emotions, then plays them back to me like a little DVD player. Lately, I can see her brain processing the working-mom side of her mommy, and it’s really cute. Here are a few examples:

A while back, I started telling her, “I love you every day, all the time. I even love you when I’m at work!” Now, she’ll come up to me, sit on my lap and say, “I love you, Mommy. I even love you when I’m at work!”

In the bathtub the other day, she was making up songs that seemed to include snippets about her day. One of the lyrics went, “Mommy’s going to a meeting while you’re at school.” Followed by, “Don’t be shy when the teachers come to get you out of the car. Lalalalalaaaaaaaa…”

One of her favorite games to play is “going to work.” It’s very elaborate. She waits until my husband or I am in the kitchen making dinner. Then she comes up the side stairs with her baby and knocks on the door. When we answer, she gives us the baby with detailed instructions about her care. Then she says, “OK. I’m going to a meeting now. I’ll be back to get you in just a few hours.” Then she goes back down the stairs, gets on her little scooter and drives around the back patio. A few minutes later, we hear another knock, and it’s her, coming to get her dolly. What a good little working mom!

How about you, WMAGs? Do your kids have any cute games that show they “get” their working mama?

7 thoughts on “All Work and No Play?

  1. That is so freakin’ cute! I have no such stories yet, but I’m sure I will in a year or so.

  2. That is cute. My kids pretend they’re working at store. It’s funny. But, they always call me (the customer) “Sir.” I pretend I’m offended and storm off shouting… “I’m a Ma’am!” They laugh. So they continue to call me “sir” even though I’ve explained men are sirs, ladies are ma’ams. This has nothing to do with what they’ve picked up from me. But, I think it’s funny.

  3. Laptop Television says:

    My daughter received a pink Barbie laptop for her birthday. She opened the package, looked at me and said, “please you open this so I can work?” She now likes to keep her Barbie laptop next to mine in the office.

  4. Too Cool for School says:

    My son is three, and we recently gave him a pencil and a steno pad, just to have fun with. And he’s all: “I’m writing an email.” I’m like, ug! wouldn’t you rather draw a doggie or something?

  5. That is adorable. I have to share this. My 16 month old observed me getting dressed for work. So one day I saw him trying to draw a line on his eye with his crayola. I kept wondering what he was up to. Then I realized that he was trying to imitate me using my eyeliner. They’re like sponges aren’t they?

  6. jamie lentzner says:

    Well, not fun games but a funny story – when our sitter takes my daughter (kindergartener) with her to pick up my son at school (3rd grade gets out later) she keeps getting asked if she has two mommies. My daughter gets very angry at these questions – these children without “sitters” or working moms just don’t get it.

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