Always Schedule Your Next Appointment Before Leaving


I don’t have enough space in my brain to remember to schedule appointments. Our Working Mom’s Calendar can help you, but you can also help yourself by never leaving the hair salon, doctor’s office, mechanic, book club, lunch with a dear friend, etc., without scheduling your next appointment. Even if you end up needing to move your child’s annual physical when next year rolls around, at least you’ll have it on your calendar and you won’t forget.

2 thoughts on “Always Schedule Your Next Appointment Before Leaving

  1. I try to schedule all of my annual appointments in the month of my birthday with the bi-annual appointments in the month of my “half-birthday.” Sure it stinks having appointments around your birthday, but that way I have a reminder “oh, it’s my birthday, when’s that dentist appointment again?” instead of “huh, when was my last appointment??”

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