Angie’s List: Where Good Help Is Easy to Find

Have you ever needed “expert” help around the house (i.e., beyond your or your husband’s abilities), but didn’t know where to turn? I’m talking about clogged pipes, chimney sweeping, concrete pouring, pool maintenance, landscaping … you name it.

Out of desperation, you might turn to the Yellow Pages, Google, or even your company’s “all employees” email list (spammer!) to get the help you need. But in 124 major cities, for a very reasonable subscription price, you can find just the right person for your job on Angie’s List.

Unlike other sources, Angie’s List provides contact and background information on a broad range of companies (categorized from Accountants to Wrought Iron). Each company receives grades (A-F) and detailed reports from members just like you. Sort of like Amazon book reviews, only more structured and presumably by people who have actually used the company for a particular service.

As the owner of a 60-plus-year-old home, I’m in frequent need of help around the house. Back before Christmas, our gutters on the side of the house were failing. Before Angie, I would have fumbled around, maybe asked a few people if they knew a good roofer, and eventually Googled “roofers in Cincinnati.”

But with the List at my disposal, I immediately came upon a top-rated local business that came highly recommended by a good number of members. I emailed the contact person listed, got a fast response and estimate, and hired the company for the job. Within a couple of weeks, my gutters were good as new!

I turned to Angie’s List again recently after my husband and I realized our current tax guy wasn’t cutting the mustard. Again, we called the top-rated place, got another quick response, and liked the CPA we talked to, so we hired him.

Now, it’s getting a little addictive. Anytime we need help, we look to Angie. Our living room needs a new look. Angie lists interior designers! We’re doing some serious spring cleaning soon. Angie knows junk-haulers! See … I could go on and on.

Did I mention they list healthcare providers? It’s a small but growing part of Angie’s List–I look forward to seeing this area become as comprehensive as the home-related services.

Join for a $15 signup fee, plus $7.50 a month or $59 a year. Totally worth the savings, in dollars and headaches, of getting the best help you can and avoiding the duds. Also, a membership would make a great housewarming or wedding gift! Take the tour to learn more about Angie’s List and get started.

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