Anyone Know Some Quantum Physics?

I need a physics genius to help me alter the space-time continuum. As in: stop time, add some extra hours, something!

Seriously. I have 5 bajillion things to get done for work, plus stuff for a volunteer gig and freelance projects. Laundry, laundry, and more laundry. All before I leave for a whirlwind girls’ weekend in NYC on Friday! I’m only mildly freaking out right now, but I needed to make my plea for the creation of more time. Has anyone figured out how to do this?

(Perhaps I’m just a wee bit overcommitted–ya think?)

2 thoughts on “Anyone Know Some Quantum Physics?

  1. just4ofus says:

    Sounds like you do need a little more time, we could all use some.
    You’ll forget about needend extra time the moment you leave for your girls weekend.
    : )

  2. Isn’t always like that? Everything hits at once. How exciting! A girls’ trip in NYC! That is good times.

    Hang in there. You’ll be de-stressing in the big apple soon!

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