Are You an X or a Y Mom?

When you’re talkin’ ’bout your generation, do you like to compare old-school vs. new-school technology savvy and habits? I know I enjoy having some fun with “olds” who think the Onion article about “The Google for Older Americans” is about a real site (my dad) or who equate computers with “the Devil” (my grandma).

But what about the slightly subtler differences between, say, Gen Xers like me vs. Gen Yers who can’t remember a time when they didn’t have computers at home? According to a new report from Parenting magazine, Gen X moms (born 1965 to 1981) use technology differently from Gen Y moms (born between 1982 and 1994):

Gen Y moms tend to have much higher attachment to interactive tools like blogs, social networking sites, and video sharing that allow them to connect directly with other moms.

Gen X moms … tend to engage in more task-oriented activities, such as online shopping, researching and reviewing products, and organizing photos.

I guess I don’t act my age, digitally speaking, because I’m all up in the Gen Y camp. How about you? Do you notice differences between the Gen X and Gen Y moms you know? Or does it depend on the person, their profession and their personality?

10 thoughts on “Are You an X or a Y Mom?

  1. I think it depends. I guess I’m Gen X, since I do remember learning to use a computer and the Internet. But I’m all about my blogs and my online network of fellow writers, etc. I HATE organizing photos and, to a certain extent, shopping online. I’m also in a profession that embraces the whole online gig, though I was blogging before a lot of people were.

    One thing I haven’t gotten into is the whole Twitter/playing games on Facebook thing, but I suspect that’s because I’m online so much in the course of any day that being that tied to my computer/internet makes my brain go bsbzbzbzbzbzzzzt. I don’t feel like I have to let everybody know where I am and what I’m doing at all hours of the day. But that’s also probably because I REALLY value my “me” time and space.

  2. I’m a hybrid — Gen XY? — which makes sense, because I was born in ’64, right on the cusp of the two generations.

    I do a lot of both — blogs, social networks, though not so much video, but I also live by online shopping. That one’s an easy call. Let’s see, point and click at the dead of night or drag two kids to the store? Hmmm …

    I love digital photography, but my groaning hard drive will tell you I’m not so swift at organizing them.

    I try to maintain some balance with the guys — 3 and 5 — too. They have a dedicated computer — mainly to keep them from mousing around in my work — but it’s not hooked up to the Internet. They love the educational software, but I’ve tried to keep them away from gaming. Big Guy doesn’t need another excuse to put off homework. They like “writing letters” and making cards with me, and I recently gave Big Guy my old digital camera.

    I guess the bottom line for me with the guys is trying to use the computer as a tool, not a be-all and end-all.

  3. I’m barely an X, as I was born in what’s the generation before that? Just “old”? But I’m all about the Gen Y traits from the article…of course I do all the Gen X things listed too…

    I’m wondering, though…the article says that Gen Y Moms were born between 1982 and 1994…which would make them 14-26 years old! Very young Moms..maybe they just haven’t grown up enough to use the computer the way we Gen Xers do.

  4. BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) says:

    I think I’m definitely Gen X (born 1969). I refuse to Twitter since I am so easily mind washed with just reading these newfangled blogs. 😉 I also rarely get on Facebook.

    So yeah…while I love the whole social networking thing, I’m already seeing that I’m resistant to change in my “old” age. 😉

  5. I’m a nice blend of both but I was born in 1980 so that makes sense!

  6. Are there people with kids who were born after 1982? OMG I’m old! I’m definitely an X-er, I love my computer and email, but can’t get into Facebook, twittering; I love reading blogs but the regular writing part hasn’t caught on yet.

  7. I’m more Gen X. I don’t want anything to do with Twitter. Although, I do visit Facebook from time to time.

    I easily get mind washed if I spend too much time sitting in front of the computer, too. I’m becoming more resistant to new social networking sites and gadgets.

    Have you seen the movie Wall-E? Where all the humans used only the computer to communicate and find entertainment? They also were lazy and obese. Scary!

  8. George Nemeth says:

    I agree with the distinction between OGX and PCers, but think it’s cultural too.

  9. I am chronologically Gen X, but my digital life is all Gen Y. I could use a Gen Xer to organize my photos!

  10. The Healthy Mom says:

    I guess I am a true generation X! I’m not very active in all the social networking sites. The only way I network with other moms is through blogging. Very interesting post. I’m going to have to read the article in Parenting Magazine. Thank you for sharing!

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