Micaela Alpers

Micaela Alpers spent the last nine years in higher education and is currently president of Career TEAM's Education division. Prior to this role, she served as National Director of Sales for McGraw Hill Education. After years of successful development with her own coach, Kathy Milburn, Micaela completed the ICF accredited, Accomplishment Coaching Leadership and Coaches training program. She's also a certified trainer in the Aha! Process, Bridges Out Of Poverty program. She strongly believes that education is the gateway to empowerment, self-confidence and most of all — choice! Micaela and her husband, Nick, are both San Diego State University graduates, and describe San Diego as “living in nature’s playground.” They share a passion for travel, and can’t wait to expose their son, Kai, to different cultures around the globe. Her personal mission is to support people in creating fulfilled and abundant lives.