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When you started back to work after baby, did your job take a back seat? Because a online survey done by ForbesWomen and says that for 59% of women, it sure did. (Check out the second page of that link for the results about working moms.)

Normally I don’t pay too much mind to these studies–there is always a study out there saying one thing or another. But for this survey, a reporter from Canada’s The Globe & Mail reached out for a WMAG opinion–and I offered one up.

Read the article here to see what I said–and what some other mamas said, too. A lot people also had something to say in the comments–but I stopped reading after a few. What is WITH the commenters of online publications? It’s like, troll city up in their comment sections.

Anyway, what do you think? Did you care a little bit–or a lot–less about your job after maternity leave?

5 thoughts on “Back Seat Working

  1. Great subject — I honestly cared a lot less about my job after having my baby!

  2. I identified with the copywriter who said she got more productive because she worked her butt off, super-focused when her daughter napped. I didn't start finishing novels until after my first child was born. I got a whole new appreciation for time, and made it count after she went to bed at night. Did I care less about my job-job (the one that didn't involve writing novels)? Depended how much I felt my employers were invested in me and were willing to see the big picture as opposed to viewing me as a clock puncher. I knew I needed to support my child, so I care/cared a lot about work. I care even more when I know that care is reciprocated.

  3. Jen@925frugal says:

    I agree with Sara. Sometimes people ask me how I get so much done, my answer is always that Procrastination is no longer an option!.

    That said, Yes my job took a backseat. I began to look at my family as my primary business and my job as a second job.

    If the two couldn't co exist, then I have always been willing to make a change to keep the first job (My family) running smoothly.

  4. capatosta says:

    Wow. I just read some of the comments on the original article. Yikes. There are always going to be critics, no matter what we choose!

    My son is always going to be more important to me than my job…but I love working and hope I will always be blessed with a job that I enjoy and keeps my life balanced.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I completely agree. My family comes first, job is second. I give my all to my job but there is no competition when it comes down to it.

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