Back to Normal. Sort of.

Much like Susan, I was pretty holidayed out. Christmas came and went like a bat out of hell, leaving me with a house full of clutter and an extra 10 lbs. I’m usually not ready to pack up the tinsel and stow away the Santa. But this year, I couldn’t be happier to take down all the Christmas crap.

I’m not usually a Grinch, but something about the end of last year just wore me out. I’m sure it had a lot to do with my big life change. Working on your own ain’t easy. Sure, I wasn’t tied to a desk from 9 to 5 during the week. I had the flexibility to get things done when I could fit them in. But, it was more like chaotic flexibility. Not knowing when work would come… when I would get it done, mixed in with all the holiday shopping, parties, and oh yeah… I guess I should do something with these kids!

So, I’m glad that December 2007 is in the past. I’m ready to get back to normal. Although, I haven’t quite figured out what normal is.

5 thoughts on “Back to Normal. Sort of.

  1. Mommy Bits says:

    Even though I am holidayed out and excited for the new year, I have to say that this was my favorite Christmas to date. This was the first year that both of the boys (I have two) really understood what Christmas was about and who Santa was. I had so much fun watching and listening to them.

  2. That’s true… it was the first Christmas my kids seemed really excited, too. My son even said Santa came up into the bedroom to say hi. They were both really excited Christmas morning. So that was great to see.

  3. The majority of posts I’ve read this year, mirror your sentiment. Including my own and even the nurse at my doctor’s appointment said that this year was the first Christmas that she felt overwhelmed and just plain over it. What’s this all about?

  4. Libsmom–not sure why we all feel this way. But I do, too!

    I’m glad December 2007 is in the past b/c the month sort of blew for me. Well, parts of it, other parts were nice, but I felt like I was running a race and I never quite caught up–heck, I didn’t even make it to the finish like, I don’t think. I felt short about 20 yards.

    Also, I don’t feel “back to normal” yet either. Maybe I will this week–a full “regular” work week and all. If I know one thing about myself, is that I thrive on having some sort of schedule and predictability in my life. It might get all thrown out of whack from time to time, but at least I have it to come back to.

  5. Damn–I must be tired. That dang comment had about 929384023 typos in it… hopefully you get the jist.

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