It’s Back to the Office for Me

Going back to the office after a vacation at home with the kids is never easy. How do you manage all the chaos that piled up while you were away?

After a week at home with the fam, I returned back to work today. All I can say is “YIKES!”

It was a crazy Monday with back-to-back meetings, a tsunami of emails, papers and packages piled up on my desk, and team members trying to catch me up. I didn’t even get my lunch hour to enjoy a bite or a quick workout. I had a meeting. Another one.

I missed Cassie a lot today, more than usual. I got so used to being with her during the days last week. She’s such a fun, happy little companion. I enjoyed watching all of her nuances, from the moment she woke up till her end-of-the-day wind-down (or meltdown, as the case may be).

Now it’s time to go home and get my two hours in (if I’m lucky) before she hits the sack. Back to work—and the world of working motherhood!

Vacations are wonderful — until you have to head back to the office and face all those unread emails and tasks that are waiting for your return.

4 steps to make going back to the office easier

The Muse offers some simple tips to help you prepare for vacation and counter those back-to-work blues:

  1. Get your vacation on your work calendar way in advance (months, if possible).
  2. Work ahead in the weeks before you leave. Don’t leave a bunch of unfinished stuff for your coworkers to handle.
  3. Clearly communicate to your colleagues and manager about your plans, especially regarding how disconnected you plan to be during your time away.
  4. Let everyone know you’re on your way out the day before vacay—not to brag, but to remind them of your impending absence. That includes setting up the appropriate out-of-office email or phone messages.

Then take your much-needed time off, spend it relaxing and recharging, and you should be able to head back to the office with a lot less to worry about.

5 thoughts on “It’s Back to the Office for Me

  1. First day back from vacation is always hard. I tend to resent “having to work” after some time off. Usually takes about 3 days before I can get back in the swing of things and remember that quality vs. quantity time with the kids is what it’s about for me.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I feel your pain. I really do. Makes me wonder every day whether I’m really cut out for the working mom world, even though not working is not an option for our family. *sigh*

  3. Selfmademom says:

    Did you read my mind? I had to go back yesterday after a week off. I was so sad!!!

  4. I did read your mind. That’s how I wrote this post!

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