Bad Luck, Schmad Luck

OMG. Seriously y’all. I’ve a STREAK of bad luck lately. It’s starting to make me think I must’ve been a horrible person in a bad life, and karma is coming to kill the chameleon. Or something. Because this latest streak isn’t the only streak—I’ve had some doozies, by most standards:

There was the time the transmission on my Honda—with just 55,000 miles on it—decided to blow right before I lost my job. I was unofficially told I lost my job as I was recovering in the hospital after a night’s stay for an esophageal condition I still deal with to this day.

Then back in ’01 I had to have my gall bladder after suffering for more than three months. On my “relaxation trip” to visit my sister in NYC to ease my mind from a summer of sickness and a failed master thesis attempt, there was the collapse of the World Trade Center. I was stuck in a completely-freaked-out city for more than week longer than excepted, until I finally was able to wrangle a rental car and make the 8-hour drive home. (However, I did get a refund on the half of a airplane trip I didn’t get to take.)

Oh, and when J and I were moving into together, a truck turned into our car as we were going to pick up the U-Haul. I hurt my knee and couldn’t move as much stuff as we wanted. Later that week, my grandmother passed away and in a hurried attempt to get the last of my shit out of my apartment, I fell down a flight of steps and broke my ankle—which prohibited from attending my grandma’s funeral. And then a few days later my dog got hit by a car and broke his foot.

So, as you can see, this bad luck thing is nothing new. BUT I just had my first bout of “bad luck” with O in my life. This latest streak of unfortunate incidents, which includes, but is not limited to, a week-long hospital stay, another ear infection for O, two cases of pink eye (both him and me), and a random act of vandalism to my car (someone thought it would be cool to rip off my driver’s side mirror—who DOES that?), didn’t seem to affect me as much as the other ones did. I can’t be sad, dwell, or mope. I just gotta keep on keepin’ on. Because there is someone else in this world that depends on me—bad luck or not. And with him in my life, nothing seems so bad anyway. *cue violin*

5 thoughts on “Bad Luck, Schmad Luck

  1. Bad things always seem to happen at once. Hang in there, T. Good luck is coming your way!

  2. just4ofus says:

    Hang in there, try to find some humor in it somewhere, and it will get better.
    You are allowed to have your violin.. you deserve it!

  3. fortworthfamilyfun says:

    I’m on a similar streak, although we haven’t had any hospital stays or vandalism. But we have had multiple ear infections and pink eye at our house! It took my daughter 5 days to get over the pink eye, and it took me two weeks. My mother’s response: “That’s what happens when you get older — it takes longer to heal.” Yeah, thanks, Mom!

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