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A Cuddly Toy to Help Kids Fall Asleep on Their Own: BedTime StoryBug

Our resident mom of three under 3's experience with the BedTime StoryBug, a children's plush toy that uses your own voice to soothe kids to sleep.

Do you have a child who is not good at transitioning to sleep when bedtime comes? I do. In fact, I have three.

I love to think that it’s because I’m the best mother in the world and that is why they cry their eyes out at daycare drop offs or anytime they hear my keys jingle. Terror strikes their little faces… as if they are thinking:

“This is it! Mom is never coming home from the grocery story. If we cry and throw ourselves into a tantrum screaming fit then she will stay. It’s her favorite.”

While I’ve thought about it, I have yet to pitch a tent in the frozen foods section. Although it would solve my problems with the summer heat around here.

Luckily, when I thought I couldn’t stand it anymore, I received an email from Lori Allen to try her new product, The BedTime StoryBug. This cuddly plush ladybug allows you to record your voice that corresponds with three different buttons on the ladybug’s legs. There is a morning button (sun), a night button (moon), and a story button (book).

How the BedTime StoryBug works

First, I followed the easy instructions and recorded my messages. It took me a few times to get it right, mostly because the sound of my own voice is kind of grating (sorry to my husband!) and my search for perfection won’t allow me to have any weird stops or “um’s.” For most people, this won’t be an issue.

The BedTime Storybug lets you record up to 3 personalized messages: Two 20 second recordings, perfect for saying goodnight or good morning, and a 3 minute recording, perfect for your child’s favorite short story.

Then, I gave the BedTime StoryBug to my kids. They fought over it for a while, like anything, and then they sorted out who needed it the most on their own. It wasn’t at all who I thought would wind up with it, but the BedTime StoryBug has now become my daughter’s favorite plush animal. Even when the batteries are out. She calls it her “Momma Bug.” It has helped her fall asleep on her own and in her own bed more often.

I received the BedTime StoryBug for free to try, and decided to share the product here after having such a lovely experience with it. Want a BedTime StoryBug ($29.95) for your own lil’ sleep-resistant kiddo? You can buy it on Amazon or directly from the manufacturer.

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