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Why is it that every time I leave town, I stay up WAY late the night before? My husband doesn’t do this. In fact, he usually goes to bed early on the eve of a business trip.

But here I am, up past midnight, with the dishwasher running, laundry washing and drying, my mobile phone charging, taking out the trash, making 1,001 mental notes for the morning … and blogging, of course. I’m doing all these things because I want to make sure everything’s taken care of while I’m away for three days. I even bathed my kids “extra good” (if that’s possible) tonight, because I am doubtful Hubs will actually bathe them while I’m gone.

It’s ridiculous. I should just leave it to him to ensure everyone is fed, changed and happy while I’m away. He’s perfectly capable. Plus, I already know how the dirty dishes and laundry will be piled up when I get home, no matter how clean and organized I leave things. So why bother?

Argh. I must feel a teensy bit of guilt (despite the title of this blog) for going off and having a ball while the rest of my family “toils away” at the same old routine. I want to somehow make it up to them. Can’t I just buy them all t-shirts? “My mom went to BlissDom and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.” Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Susan Wenner Jackson

Susan Wenner Jackson is the cofounder and editor of Working Moms Against Guilt. She lives in her hometown of West Chester, Ohio, with her husband, two children, and their dog.


  1. I've actually folded clothes for my son and left them in stacks with little labels. Monday outfit, Tuesday outfit, etc. And then "emergency pants" and "emergency shirts" so that my husband can figure out what to dress him in every day while I'm gone.

  2. I do the exact same thing, but my problem is, I get cranky when I come home and find the house destroyed. Now I know better. Why would I think they would suddenly want to clean?

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