Best Places to Work (If You’re a Mom)

It’s that time of year … Working Mother Magazine announced its annual 100 Best Companies for working moms. What makes these companies so great, according to the magazine’s editors?

From flextime and telecommuting to backup child care and parental leave, these winners are expanding the concept of family-friendly benefits to make sure they cover adoptive parents, fathers and grandparents as well as working mothers—even as the economy stumbles.

Amen to that! Check out this downloadable chart of the top 100, with a breakdown of their mom-friendly policies and benefits. I also recommend taking a look at their “Best vs. the Rest” chart, comparing the top 100 companies to the average.
If you read it and think, “Why doesn’t my employer do this stuff?”, don’t hate—educate. Why not become an advocate for mom employees in your workplace, and use this issue of WM as your ammo? Even if they only adopt a couple of these benefits or policies, you’re better off than if you say nothing. And if your employer tells you to talk to the hand, maybe you should start job-hunting–at one of those top 100 companies!

7 thoughts on “Best Places to Work (If You’re a Mom)

  1. What’s the point? To make those of us who are “fortunate to have the jobs we have” feel bad for not having the fortune to work for one of these companies? Or is it to make those of us truly blessed to be working at one of these companies to feel smug?

  2. I think the point is to reward and highlight the places that are doing things right–so maybe other companies will get a clue and try to improve themselves. I’ve worked at two different companies that were quite interested in being awarded such “Best Place to Work” honors, and believe me, they made changes just so they’d win awards. Whatever works!

  3. The cover story is a woman working for a division of Lehman Brothers. When I read the mag I kept wondering if she still had her job. Ironic.

  4. Peggy, me too! I thought the same thing. Also there was an article how to recession proof your family, which basically gave you lame advice, like “keep your job.” Ooohhh… insightful.

    Another article was about how employers are cutting back on family-friendly policies to cut costs. I mean the state of the economy is so crummy right now,you should feel lucky that at least you’re getting a pay check. It’s sad, but true.

  5. Cara, I was just going to say the same thing. It’s really, really scary out there, and I’m concerned about women simply being able to feed their families, let alone enjoying any sort of more family-friendly benefits.

    Although maybe employers can find some cost savings in letting more women work from home? I don’t know… less overhead.


  6. My husband works for one of these “100 Best” companies. It’s a great place for Working Dads too! Especially when dad is responsible to taking 2 kids to and from his onsite daycare everyday, and is the one who gets the first call for sick kid pick up.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I know that this list is supposed to be ‘companies’ to work for, but the best place I’ve found to be a working mom is a university, especially a public one. Generous time off, great benefits, pensions, and fairly flexible schedules. Many have onsite childcare.

    I’ve taken a few years off, and was hoping to return to my job when a co-worker retires next year. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that they don’t have a hiring freeze.

    My husband and I have weathered two layoffs in our twenties. I don’t know if we could handle another one. His job seems pretty stable right now, but you just never know. It’s so scary. I think the previous posted was right when she said that many moms are just great full to be working, and not really worried about perks.

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