BlogHer07: Over and Out

I’m sitting at O’Hare Airport waiting for my plane to start boarding. Why must airports charge for wifi? LAME. It should be a public service for putting up with all the crap, like long security lines, last-minute cancellations, and zero legroom.

Another random travel-related question I’ve been wondering about: Why do cab drivers always talk on their mobiles in foreign languages for most (if not all) of the time you’re in their cab? Who are they talking to? What could they possibly have to discuss all that time? It just seems to be universal with all cab rides. I find it annoying.

Anywho … Elizabeth Edwards was fantastic. I would totally vote for her for president. She’s much warmer and sweeter than Hillary, but also smart and tough as hell.

She told the BlogHer crowd that she came to speak to us because “The Internet, and particularly the blogosphere, is the new town square.” With all of us gathered ’round the square, she talked about her personal involvement in online communities. From the early days of listservs and message boards, she participated in groups based on her life experiences–cancer, death of a child, infertility (talk about going to hell and back!)

“Part of the magic of the medium,” she said, is the ability to connect with others who share your interest–regardless of background. But while she’s been active in talking with other folks online, she never maintained her own blog. “Having a blog is like having a child you have to feed three times a day,” she said.

Just when she started diving into political issues, with health care as numero uno for women, I had to split for the airport.

Reflecting on the conference, I think the best part was meeting all the bloggers I’ve read, admired, and talked with online. Putting faces to names and URLs was a truly priceless experience. Seeing their babies, discussing bloggy and political issues, all over glasses of wine or snacks … I’m really glad I went.

7 thoughts on “BlogHer07: Over and Out

  1. Yeah! I’m glad you were able to get there and had so much fun. Maybe next year we can all go!

    “‘Having a blog is like having a child you have to feed three times a day,’ she said.

    I find this quote really weird for some reason. Versus having a child you only feed once a day? Was she trying to say it’s a lot of work?

    Anyway, glad you had fun! See you on Monday!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree with everything you said, except Elizabeth Edwards for president.

  3. Susan. It was so nice to meet you over the weekend. I love the name of your blog. I’m against ALL mom guilt!

  4. amaras_mom says:

    Susan, I think I’m really bummed that you were at BlogHer and I missed you! There’s always next year, right?!

  5. Sounds like fun! Next year, we’re all going. For sure.

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