Book a Photographer for the Family Get Together


Are you visiting family for the holidays? Consider scheduling a professional photographer to take photos of the extended family. I did this the first time I took a beach vacation with my extended family after the beach resort sent a promotion email offering a photo session. Everyone loved the final results so much (individual family photos, grandkids with grandparents photos, etc.)  that I booked a photographer again a few years ago when my extended family visited for my 40th birthday.  We plan to repeat it again at a cousin’s wedding this summer.  A quick email exchange before the trip helps us appropriately coordinate outfits (white/blue/khaki for the beach, jewel tones for fall photos in the park) and I pay for the photo session and prints as that year’s Christmas present to my other family members (although you could easily all split the cost).

As a working mom, I love this practice because it helps me remember to get professional photos of my immediate family at least once every few years, while also preserving beautiful images of family we do not get to see very often.

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