Books to Read in 2016: Working Moms Edition

Resolve to read more books this year? We've pulled together a terrific working mom-oriented list of books to read in 2016 for work, love, and play.

Looking for some amazing books to read in 2016?

Me, too. I keep a running wishlist of books I want to read someday, and when I heard about the Goodreads 2016 Reading Challenge, I decided to kick it up a notch. To enhance my existing list, I reached out to some of my favorite working moms and bookworms, whom I knew would not steer me wrong. The following fab ladies suggested some of the titles you’ll see on my Books to Read in 2016 list:

I divided my list into three categories: Work (career, entrepreneurship, professional development, leadership, etc.); Love (relationships, parenting, marriage, etc.); and Play (humor, escape, literary fiction, hobby, etc.) If you click on any of the affiliate links below and buy the book through Amazon, you’ll be helping support WMAG. So read up, people! I need your help to support my book-lovin’ habit.

Books to read in 2016: Work

Because books are way cheaper than grad school and fancy certification courses. You can read these titles in 2016 to give your professional life (and maybe even paycheck?) a healthy boost.

What's on your reading list this year? We have 8 career-related book recommendations for working moms, plus more for love and play.

Books to read in 2016: Love

What’s love got to do with it? Well, it depends. You might get inspired in the Love Department by embracing some of these titles, whether it’s to love yourself, your kids, or your partner better in 2016.

Check out these 9 books on parenting, romance, and self-care, plus lots more for your career and fun, too!

Books to read in 2016: Play

Perhaps the best reason to read books? For fun, of course. Sometimes, I just want to escape my everyday life, broaden my horizons, or have a few laughs. I’m looking forward to lots of good times reading these books in 2016:

Literary fiction

Need some good books to read? Check out our top picks in literary fiction, plus more for career, family and life.


Get new ideas for nonfiction books to read, plus more recommendations for fun and work!


If you're sorely in need of some good laughs, we have the book list for you. These will crack up any mom!

What’s on your personal Books to Read in 2016 list? Please share below—I’m always open to more book recommendations!

Is your book club searching for the next great title to try? Check out this list of 34 books to read in 2016. You're sure to find some winners!

9 thoughts on “Books to Read in 2016: Working Moms Edition

  1. I love this collection.. one of my goals for this year is to read more.. so I just pinned this for inspiration! Thanks for the shout out!

  2. Umeda Islamova says:

    Just pre-ordered ‘The Self-Care Solution’. Thank you for the list!

  3. Thanks for organizing these into helpful categories. Now maybe I don’t need that tidying up book everyone is talking about!

  4. So honored to make it on this list, Susan! Lots of great books I’ve read including All the Light We Cannot See, and I’m now reading Orphan Train. Added so many to my reading list!

  5. Thanks for sharing our latest release! So many great reads on here, and so many new ones I want to tackle.

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  7. Amy Grunewald says:

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