Bug Your Congresspeople to Help Working Families

While I am very interested and active (via email, mostly) in politics, I try to keep my political rantings to a minimum on WMAG. But when I see something that really could help my fellow working moms, I simply must speak up!

That’s why I’m urging you to tell your representative to support the Balancing Act (nice name, eh?).

Introduced last month by Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-Calif.), this House bill aims to “improve the lives of working families by providing family and medical need assistance, child care assistance, in-school and after school assistance, family care assistance, and encouraging the establishment of family-friendly workplaces.”

The Balancing Act needs 100 more sponsors to make it past subcommittee purgatory and into the house for an actual vote.

Say no more, right? The National Organization for Women has made it super-easy to voice your opinion. Just take action online (enter your zip code to get started) by June 13 and you’ve done your part! Doesn’t it feel good to help working families like yours with just a click?

3 thoughts on “Bug Your Congresspeople to Help Working Families

  1. Too Cool for School says:

    It sounds like the proposal includes within its scope what is commonly referred to as FMLA II, which mandates pay during FMLA leave. It’s pretty shameful that FMLA as currently in effect only mandates job-protection, and doesn’t mandate pay. (The good news is you have a job when you’re done with your leave; the bad news is you’re broke in the meantime!)

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