Can You Identify?

Take out the young white male in this Fed Ex commercial, and insert a woman. NOW I can relate. Except most of the time I don’t even speak up to let people know. Does anyone else relate to being overlooked or ignored in the workplace? Do you think as a woman your opinion doesn’t matter quite as much sometimes? What do you do to battle it?

5 thoughts on “Can You Identify?

  1. LOL! I’ve been there many times. I used to cry a lot. Or vent to a friend in the women’s bathroom. But, I think I’ve gotten a little bit tougher in the last few years. Most of the time I’ll speak up, but in a joking kind of way, like, “Hey, that was a great idea. Good thing, I thought of it first.” And then I’ll laugh at myself and hope others will laugh, too. It’s a good passive-aggressive approach. 😉

  2. I’ve struggled with feeling like I have to downplay my contributions or apologize after making a point. A lot more men, I notice, just put their shit out there and sit back, assuming everybody will thing it’s great. I’ve tried to do that more – state my case clearly and confidently, then let it stand. Sometimes I’m more successful than others. And sometimes I do find it’s the guys who get (take?) the credit. It’s especially hard to be confident in a creative setting, where it feels like ideas say a lot about you and it’s easier for people to judge a concept as good or sucky. Maybe the commercial is right. Maybe it’s the hand gestures:
    “These aren’t the droids you want…”
    “This idea is really, really good…”

  3. The tough thing is, ideas often take on a life of their own. One person has a germ of a good idea, another builds on it, and by the time it comes to fruition, it can be very different from where it started. But I do think the more vocal and bold you are with your ideas, the more (smart) people will eventually notice. “Hey, she’s pretty good. She’s got some good ideas.” I try to hang onto that hope, rather than struggle with getting credit for a specific idea I contributed.

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  5. amaras_mom says:

    I kid you not, this just happened to me. It’s happened before but never to the magnitude it hit this week.

    For weeks, I pitched an idea that was either downplayed or ignored. But when corporate sends out a memo with the same exact idea, only then was it brilliant! Grrr.

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