Catching Up on My Stories

I love my stories.

That’s what Mrs. Lykins, my older next-door neighbor when I was a little girl, called her soaps. She had the nicest Southern accent (maybe just Kentucky?) and said it like “stohreez.” She watched them every day.

She didn’t have a job. Or a DVR. Fortunately, I have both, which means I can work during the day and have my stories (All My Children) waiting for me to watch them–whenever I can. It’s one of my few guilty pleasures in life.

But I find it hard to stay on top of those five one-hour episodes a week (shortened when I skip through the commercials), much less any other shows I like. And when I recently heard my girls Shannan and Amy going on about all their Bravo shows they love, I’m like, “How do you have time to WATCH all this stuff?”

Their brilliant answer? Watch TV while you’re on your laptop.

I was like, yeeeah. That makes so much sense! Catch up your stories, your emails, your blogs, everything. Maybe even have a glass of wine while you do it. Guess what? I’m doing it right now.

Thanks for the tip, Shannan and Amy!

4 thoughts on “Catching Up on My Stories

  1. I have often thought the same thing about my friends, how do they make time for all the TV? I can't even retain the schedule, but I guess watching online solves that.
    I started watching CBS soaps when I was about 9 (Young & Restless, As The World Turns, Guiding Light). I still watch them whenever I can – vacations, maternity leave – and it's amazingly easy to pick up the story lines. Marriages, divorces, deaths. I hate when they get into supernatural stuff though. But I think CBS is pretty good about keeping it (kind of) real!
    P.S. I was 9 a very long time ago – 25 years – and some of the actors on these soaps are the same!

  2. OK, so do you watch TV on the TV with a laptop on your lap doing computer things?

    Make sense, I guess, but I worry about too MUCH multi-tasking. Not being able to have attention spans much longer than a few minutes because of all the demands on one’s attention.

    I haven’t had cable for quite a few years, (that means no DVR either!) and while I sometimes miss it and being part of the watercooler conversations, for the most part, it’s been great. More time to do other things, without feeling like I *have* to watch the latest episode of whatever, because I *can’t*!

    That’s just me though, nothing against people who love TV–if it was there, I’d probably be parked in front of it way too much!

  3. I’m addicted to Gossip Girl, but I can’t remember the last time I watched an episode on TV. I found a site that stays updated with the new eps (not sure how legal it is, but oh well), and I watch on my laptop while I’m snarfing down my lunch in the middle of a workday. It’s great!

  4. Great multi-tasking skills Susan!!
    I DVR prime time shows and do the same…open mail, fold laundry, make lists, very seldom just solely watching TV. I also remember them being called stories by older women in the neighborhood growing up. Like demmom, I’ve only been able to watch on maternity leaves and vacation days(all my children/one life to live), but you can pick up on what is going on pretty quickly. and can i just say having really noticed this on dancing with the stars, Susan Lucci has the fakest, fake boobs ever! HA!

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