Celebrating Dads: These. Are. The. Days…

This working mom spends Father's Day celebrating dads -- her husband, in particular -- for being an amazing father to her children.

It’s been decided.  Every Father’s Day will be spent in the desert from now on.  It just works for our families (yes, plural).  It’s so wonderful to get alone time here in the heat with the handsome boys (and man) in my life.  Made that much more special because we get to celebrate and honor Brad as a father; as Papa.  He’s the most amazing blessing in our family.

More on Brad’s awesomeness in a minute, but the reason the desert works for everyone is that the girls’ daddy actually lives here.  So instead of the weekly “meet half way”  commutes to exchange the girls, we make the entire drive both ways for his visit with them.   It’s a small gesture that goes a long way in celebrating that he is the best father to these beautiful girls of ours.  The paternal bond can not be broken. This weekend is also about the three of them and I know they’re having a blast!

So far, the boys and I have enjoyed late (late) night talks with their handsome Papa, pool jumping in some 20 pools, table tennis, bacon-cheddar cheese fries, world cup soccer, naps, a spa treatment, and upside-down root beer floats.  It’s been a chance to unwind together, do some listening and hearing, slow the pace, have some laughs, and be present.

As a working mom, it’s important to acknowledge that Brad is also a working dad.  He provides for two families.  Sometimes work takes him away from us; a frustrating reminder that he can’t physically be in two places at once.  We know what that feels like don’t we moms!  Well, dads do too.

They feel those same pulls to provide and nurture.  Many fathers are undervalued in this regard and it’s a shame.  So celebrate all the fathers in your life today.  Those still with us and those who have passed.  Birth fathers, adoptive fathers, father figures (some moms even play this role) and step-fathers. Even if you’re away, take this weekend to become more at home with yourselves, your families, and appreciate the beautiful role fathers play in our children’s lives.  I know I speak for many working moms grateful to have fathers who (from behind the scenes) help us juggle all those balls at once.

Thank you Brad.  Thank you for loving, teaching, nurturing, providing, listening, parenting, and for being our leader and hero – cape and all.

Happy Father’s Day!

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