Back to Full-Time Hours (After a Part-Time Stint)

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While Sara was off getting herself a dang good freelance job, I was at home crunching numbers. They weren’t adding up, and our family was feeling the ill-effects of my part-time gig. I wasn’t able to find acceptable part-time home care for O, so we were still paying for full-time daycare, in addition to all the bills O’s ear infection/tube ventures. We weren’t exactly in the poor house, but we weren’t exactly living the life of Riley, either.

That’s when we decided I would go back to working full-time hours. I still get to work from home one day a week, but gone is the extra carefree day where O and I get to roll around on the floor, giggle, and explore the world together. I’m back to working for the weekend, the time when I can truly enjoy my little man.

I’m conflicted. I like my job, and working part-time was hard in an industry like ours. After my off-day Friday, I felt like I was playing catch-up until about Wednesday. And whether people admitted it or not, I knew that my part-time status gave the impression that I didn’t care as much about my job as other people. And that makes it that much harder to succeed and move up in the world.

But I’m really sad that I’ll miss out on that extra day with Owen. He’s finally doing so good after his tubes–not as sick as much and overall just a happier, more enjoyable-to-be-around dude. Well, at least I get to work from home one day a week. That’s more than most. And I’m thankful for that.

5 thoughts on “Back to Full-Time Hours (After a Part-Time Stint)

  1. Wow, Tela, I’m sorry it didn’t work out. I wish people who think moms go back to work just so they can live the lush life would look at your example. We need to pay the bills and feed our kids. Some of us need to work. I will be thinking of you and O!

  2. I’m sad you couldn’t make it work. That part-time day care for wee ones is just not an option – if only moms could care-share as a day care option. Lighten the burden a little to not have to pay for the whole week of daycare.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Unbelievable! Almost the same situation has happened to me in the last week. I have read your blog for about 4 months and have loved every second of it. I am in Marketing/Public Relations and relate to so much of what you talk about. I have been so torn in my decision to return to work full time and giving up my special free day with Gracie. It was so nice to read your post today and see that I am not alone. It will be a difficult transition for both of us, but it will make us more diligent about the time that we still have with our little ones. I totally understand and appreciate the enormity of this decision. Just remember, that what is best for your family, IS also best for O! Good luck!

  4. Sorry to hear you have to move to full time. I know I’d love to work PT.
    I find that working full time during the week, makes me cherish, even more, the time I have with the boys at night and on the weekends. It’s like they get an even better mom out of me because I am so much more focused on our time together.

  5. Justice Fergie says:

    I know EXACTLY how you feel. Right now I am working full-time and it’s just killing me. While you felt that you were always playing catch-up at work, I feel like I’m always playing catch-up at home. And in the grand scheme of things — what’s more important? And so I’m conflicted. But we can’t afford for me to go part-time. You have to just know that you are doing your best for your family, and to cherish the time you do have to spend with O (i.e. make sure the weekends are about him and not about running errands — which is hard!) Good luck, stay strong and hang in there 🙂

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