Cheese and Crackers!

Good grief! Mattel Inc., issued more toy recalls on Tuesday–for about 9 million Chinese-made toys. Polly Pocket playsets, die-cast cars, and Batman action figures are among the recalled.

Learn more about the recall here.

If this keeps up, O’s going to be playing with all hand-made toys–monkey sock puppets, coffee can drums, and the like.

5 thoughts on “Cheese and Crackers!

  1. I’m thinking maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to go back to a time when toys didn’t have a bunch of franchise characters all over them and kids could have fun stacking cups and making dolls out of clothespins. Seems like their imaginations would benefit.

  2. Totally! Oh my word.

  3. Susan Jackson says:

    I’m just glad Cassie prefers books over toys. Probably won’t last though. “Mommy, I want lead-covered Barbies! Lots of them!”

  4. just4ofus says:

    That might be a good idea anyway.
    Usually the box or coffee can is a bigger hit anyway!
    Think of the money you’d save!

  5. Really. I think of all the money I spend on toys, and then I see him completely entralled with a piece of paper or captivated by the buckles on his car seat.

    Ahh… those babies!

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