Circle of Friends

Founded and nurtured by moms, Circle of Friends is a small but growing company that makes natural and educational bath products for kids. They asked us to test some product and give our opinions.

Tela’s Take
Because of O’s sensitive skin, I tried the Little Docs Soothing Shampoo and Body Wash, plus the Little Docs Calming Cream. The first thing I noticed about it was the scent. It smells fresh and clean, but not overwhelming. Bath products we’ve used in the past haven’t had any scent (I’m sure because synthetic scents can be irritating to the skin), so this was a nice departure from the “boring” products.

Anyway, the wash and cream worked great. A little of the body wash goes a long way, and didn’t irritate his skin at all (no angry red bumpies when we got out of the tub). The cream was awesome, too. Not too greasy, not too thick, and absorbs into the skin quickly. It has a similar smell to the bath wash, which is nice.

Each Circle of Friends package features a little educational tidbit for children, and the little docs line features different famous doctors from around the world. O is a little too young to appreciate that just yet; but I could see older kids getting into it.

Cara’s Take
We got to try Han’s Blueberry Sudsy Sponge and Tommy & Sean’s Home Run Root Beer Shower Gel. My 3-year-old and 5-year-old loved scrubbing themselves with the Sudsy Sponge, which is in the shape of a duck. And the blueberry scent smelled great. I was impressed with the amount of suds the sponge produced. After multiple washings and after the sponge was no longer sudsy the kids continued to use the sponge with the shower gel.

Now, I was a little wary about the Root Beer flavor of shower gel. First, because Root Beer doesn’t scream, “ooh… what’s that you’re wearing? it’s root beer.” And two, my kids LOVE root beer floats. I could just see them squirting it in their mouths to see if the shower gel tastes the same. But, it turned out we loved it. The scent was root beerish, but nice. And they weren’t tempted to eat it. Win, win.

Circle of Friends is available online at,,, and; children salons, boutiques and beauty stores nationwide, including Cool Cuts 4 Kids chain, Cartoon Cuts, and ULTA; and The Little Docs line can be found at select Target stores nationwide.

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