Come Back, Dave Chappelle! America Needs You

Dear Dave Chappelle,


I know you needed some time off after your whole Chappelle’s Show/Comedy Central breakdown thing a few years ago. When you suddenly abandoned your own show and dropped off the face of the earth, I was stunned and disappointed – but I understood. You’re a comedy genius. You burned your brilliant candle of comedy at both ends, and required some “me time” to regain your sanity. That’s cool.

But what the hell? It’s been like five years now. What have you been doing? I have this image of you, sitting around your farmhouse in Yellow Springs, Ohio, just smoking pot and playing video games day after day. Ignoring your calling as the funniest man in America – nay, the world. I bet you get like a hundred calls and emails a day, all kinds of agents, vice presidents, whoever, offering you ridiculously awesome deals to get you back in the game. You probably just ignore them, delete them, retreating back into your little world.

This has got to stop.

Dave, I’m sure you don’t need the money. That Comedy Central deal filled your bank account with plenty of dough to live on for years to come.

Don’t you need the creative outlet, though? The opportunity to share all those hilarious Dave Chappelle insights on race, politics and pop culture? The chance to let your bright light of humor shine on America, for all to enjoy?

As you may know (if you have any contact with the outside world), America’s been going through some tough times lately. And while I’m sure you’re thrilled to have Barack Obama as president, he isn’t magically making everything better like we hoped. There are so many people out of work, foreclosing on their homes, living from paycheck to paycheck. America needs to laugh. And nobody makes us laugh like you do, Dave. “I’m Rick James, Bitch!” “I Know Black People! (including Part 2)” “When Keepin’ It Real Goes Wrong.” “Ask a Black Dude .” So much great material – with so much more potential.

So I’m asking you. No, I’m BEGGING you. Please turn off your video games, put down your bong, get off your ass and start making comedy again. It’s tough love time. I don’t care if it’s another TV sketch show, a movie, a web series, a live comedy tour, whatever. Just get your funny stuff out there for us all to enjoy. We need you, Dave!

Your fan for life in Cincinnati,

This was originally posted back in April on the now-defunct Ohio Moms Blog.

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