Dear Moms: Postcard from Camp Baby

I made it! Camp Baby is wonderful so far. Susan and I arrived in New Brunswick, NJ yesterday and checked into our fabulous hotel at around 1:00 p.m. We met Adrienne from Baby Tool-kit in the car ride from the airport to the hotel. And I should mention, we rode in style–the transportation was a brand new GMC Yukon Hybrid. Very impressive.

After checking in, we decide to explore New Brunswick and have lunch. The meal was good, but it took us awhile to find a place that was still serving lunch. What’s up with that? Then we walked back to get ready for our big wine tasting event with Ted Allen.

Ted Allen was great. I don’t watch Top Chef, but I used to watch Queer Eye for the Straight Guy every now and then. I was expecting Ted to be more stiff and subdued. But, maybe that was because he was on the show with Carson Kressley. And anyone compared to Carson looks stiff. But, Ted was very funny and chatty, talking about working on Top Chef and during his Queer Eye days. I wish I had the courage to go up and talk to him before the wine tasting started–like many of the other bloggers did. It took 6 half-glasses of wine (no spit bucket for me, thanks) to finally give me the guts. But as soon as the tasting was over, he was out of there. Bummer. I took one picture of him from afar. And I just realized I left my camera cord at home. So, double bummer.

Speaking of pictures. I promise to post some after I return home. Or Susan can share some. We’ve both been bad about taking pictures.

Anyway, more to come. Today was a big day full of fun and information that I’ll share later. But, now I have to go. Thanks to J&J for inviting me and footing the bill. It feels good to be spoiled for once!

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