Dear Pajama Manufacturers

Please stop it. Please stop making pajamas so cool my son wants to wear them to pre-school. Or at least, share your sweet pajama-makin’ ways with the T-shirt companies. Because your pajamas with the Batman capes and the Spiderman webs under the arms are too cool for my 3-year-old to handle. He loves them. He wants to show his friends his capes and webs. And today, I let him. Yes, my son went to pre-school in his Spiderman pajama shirt. And I’m just fine with it.

O has asked to wear other odd clothing items before (his snow boots when it was 90 degrees, for example). At the time, I thought they were either a little inappropriate or would be too uncomfortable, so I didn’t let him. The pajamas, however, weren’t worth the fight!

Do you ever let your kids wear pajamas or other “off” pieces of clothing to school?

10 thoughts on “Dear Pajama Manufacturers

  1. Hilarious! My daughter's daycare started pajama day once a month and every day she asks "is it pajama day again?" She's almost 3 years old and totally into the princess pajamas. She would wear them daily if I let her. I totally hear you on this one!

  2. Sure! Especially since so many of the sets these days have tops that just look like tee-shirts.

    Oh, and M wears Spiderman and Superman PJs, too. She hates princessy things. She's all about the superheros!

  3. A Mother's Nature says:

    My daughter would not take off her tu-tu…and honestly she was soo cute in it, I let her wear it to the grocery store 🙂

  4. My son's school had a dress down day where everyone came to school in pajamas. (Normally they wear uniforms.) The fight that morning was to keep him from wearing the footsie pajamas!

  5. Pauline Yap says:

    interesting! greeting from malaysia!

  6. Michelle, they did that just once last year at my son's school, and I had to fight with him to actually put pajamas on. Of course, he didn't have his super cool Spiderman pajamas then.

    Sara–I remember about M and her fondness for superheroes at O's party.

    A Mother–I say a grocery store is a perfectly fine place for a tutu!

    Cassie–Ha! I can't get O to wear footsie's anymore. He suddently developed this kind of a weird thing about covering up his feet…

  7. The youngest of my children routinely go out shopping, running errands or to Preschool dressed either in some strange outfit or in costume.
    -the norm? tuxedo pants, rain boots and a batman t-shirt for my son, some sort of princess outfit for my daughter. (they're 5)

    Soon they will be older and will have to conform to society's belief as to what is appropriate, so I thinhk now is the time to let them be creative!

  8. I say choose your battles. My son wears a Batman cape and mask everywhere he goes. It's a great conversation starter and a big boost to his self-confidence. People talk to him everyhwere we go. He thinks he's a rock star. I love it!

  9. Hilarious!! My son wore his sports ball footie pjs to daycare yesterday because he refused to take them off! He also wanted his shoes on too so I had to put them OVER the footie pjs. And today, he scremed when we wanted to change him out of his moose footie pjs so those are on him today! We just weren't in the mood to fight!!!

  10. meauxjeaux says:

    hell, i'd wear spiderman pj's w/web underarms if they made them in my size – how freakin' cool is that? my kiddo would love 'em. please share where you got 'em. and i figure if the worst thing my kid does is want to wear cowboy boots and his undies (which he has; or get his ear pierced later in life), we'll be doing okay. like you say, who cares what other people think? sometimes, i feel sorry for the kids in the real dorky clothes that are supposed to be normal. yikes! at least our kiddos are marching to their own drummer, ya know?

    alicia, that's awesome!

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