Dear Rev W. Awbry

When you were creating the Thomas the Tank Engine series, did you not think about how the name “Percy” would sound coming out of a two-year-old’s mouth? Not to mention, you made Percy the smallest engine. Did you think about the phrase “Percy’s small. Percy’s small.”?

Not cool, Rev Awbry, not cool.

12 thoughts on “Dear Rev W. Awbry

  1. OMG – that’s hilarious! I laughed so hard I cried thinking of it!

  2. Amy in Ohio says:

    And you can cross Thomas off the list of things P will be playing with.

    Okay, that might sound really bad.

  3. J's Lawyer says:

    If O is struggling with his words, make sure you don’t get the tower piece that has the big clock on it, then. If “Percy is small”, well, the “clock is big”. Ever hear a two year old say “big clock”???

  4. hilarious – i know exactly what you mean. too funny. 🙂

    Beth B. (mommy to an almost-5 yr old)

  5. Bah! That’s hilarious. Lauren is obsessed with Thomas but so far can only call him “woo-woo.” However, when she’s outside she has to point out every stick she sees by saying over and over, “dick. dick. dick.”

  6. That’s outright hilarious!!

  7. The Q Family says:

    hehe.. I can’t help but laugh.. So true. When our son was younger he had such a hard time pronouncing it. It was so cute!

    -Amy @ The Q Family

  8. Oh my gosh! That is so funny!

  9. OMG!!! We used to ask my son when he was 2-3 who Thomas’s friend was and crack up~

  10. I’m really glad I’m not the only one who has

    1) Experienced this problem.

    2) Found it hilarious.

    And FYI, O will NOT be getting the big clock tower.

  11. My kids were never into Thomas, so I have no idea who Percy… but, that’s funny!

  12. This is freaking hilarious. I’m going to buy every child turning 2 a Percy engine just for laughs!

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