Dear Summer

Please slow down.

I have way too many things I want to do with you, but you insist on flying by. I still have to go to hang with friends, go a Reds and Florence Freedom game, visit some of Cincinnati’s marvelous parks, not to mention simply lounge around the pool at our local swim club (have to get my money’s worth!). MANY THINGS NEED TO BE DONE.

But you–you sly minx–tease me with your “more hours of daylight” and nicknames such as “lazy days of summer,” which makes a mother thinks she has some TIME to enjoy the beautiful, albeit sometimes incredibly hot and oppressive, weather.

I’m onto you summer. You’re a big tease to working moms. Sure, I see some moms begging for school to begin, but I’m pleading for you to slow down. Just a bit. Pretty please with sugar on top.

3 thoughts on “Dear Summer

  1. Jacky Hackett says:

    I am with you on this, I have hardly had time get in summer mode and it is almost over!

  2. I feel the same way! It's already almost the end of July, it's been 100 degrees for six weeks and I'm already seeing Back to School sales. Slow Down!

  3. jessica bern says:

    if you can figure out a way to slow down time, I'd really, really appreciate that. I'd like to be 45 for at least another 3 years

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