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Tackling DIY Spring Home Projects, Little by Little

Want to tackle a big project this spring? Here's my plan—maybe it'll help you get started, too. Especially if you're planning any DIY spring home projects.

You have 91 days. I have 91 days. From late March to late June, we all have 91 days. That’s a total of 13 or 14 weekends.

I’m talking about spring. Spring doesn’t begin when the flowers finally begin to bloom in April. No, spring starts now. So, what are you going to do about it? Here’s my plan, which could be a nice thought starter for you, too. Especially if you are planning any DIY spring home projects.

Want to tackle a big project this spring? Here's my plan—maybe it'll help you get started, too. Especially if you're planning any DIY spring home projects.Power of 15

When my kids were younger, I was a stay-at-home mom. So, my kids went to a preschool that lasted a whopping 2.5 hours per day. I will never forget one of my very first preschool parent/teacher conferences. The teacher explained how everything was done in 15 minute segments. “15 minute segments?” I exclaimed. “Is that really enough time to do anything?” She reassured me by providing example after example of what could be accomplished in 15 minutes.

Oh.  Light-bulb moment. Well, if 3, 4, and 5 year olds can get all of THAT done in 15 minutes, what could I accomplish??

The Power of the 15 Minute Time Segment was born.

I proudly use the 15 Minute Time Segment for anything remotely distasteful. Folding laundry? 15 minutes. Business invoices? 15 minutes. Prepping a space for painting? 15 minutes? Filing? 15 minutes. You get my drift.

Soooo, guess what concept I’m going to use to get my spring project going? Yeppers. The 15 Minute Time Segment. It’s powerful. Very, very powerful.

Want to tackle a big project this spring? Here's my plan—maybe it'll help you get started, too. Especially if you're planning any DIY spring home projects.The Ultimate Spring Project

I’m not going for the “Overhaul the House Because It’s Spring” approach. This leads to a huge let-down come the first day of summer. One can only do so much when taking on DIY spring home projects. I’ve learned this lesson from experience. Instead, I am setting myself up for success. Oh yeah, sweet success. I am doing one big Ultimate Spring Project.

As I plan my Ultimate Spring Project, I will use up every minuscule ounce of those 91 days—15 minutes at a time.

Okay, so who wants to know what I’m doing? Ready for the details? Drumroll, please!

My Ultimate Spring Project is that I GET MY VERY OWN OFFICE!! I’m moving on up. From the dining room table to a room with a door. And a lock.

Wait a second… before I get too excited about the lock, my youngest hid all of the door lock keys years ago. Way back when, she and her bright blue stepping stool decided that locked doors were not going to be a part of her existence. Or our existence. Oh well, conceptually a door with a lock is pretty darn cool. And I am very, very excited!!

If you have been following my blog, then you know all about My Funny Hobby. I will paint my office and stain my office furniture. My husband will make the furniture and lay down the flooring. I will be all moved in by June 19! Why? Because my 91 days will be up. One and done. Ultimate Spring Project complete.

What DIY spring home projects do you have up your sleeve?  What Ultimate Spring Project will you do?  Comment below to share your plan!

Don't get overwhelmed when tackling your next DIY home project. Here's a little trick you can use to ACTUALLY get it done in 15-minute increments.

3 thoughts on “Tackling DIY Spring Home Projects, Little by Little

  1. Wow. Can’t wait to see your office Dara!
    Not so much DIY but more on spring cleaning 🙂

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