Droid Detox

If you know me at all, you know I love my smart phone. Don’t care about cars, TVs or video games, but I take my smart phones very seriously.

I got the first generation Droid for myself last Christmas, a life-changing upgrade from a two-year-old LG enV phone. It went with me everywhere, my trusty sidekick that told me how to get places, reminded me of appointments, kept me in touch with all my peeps and allowed me to search for whatever, whenever, with just a swipe of my finger or a few letters typed on the slide-out keyboard.

Then, a week ago, I unknowingly dropped my phoney friend on a busy street, as I walked into a restaurant for dinner with friends. On my way back to my car, I had a sinking feeling that I hadn’t left my phone in the car. It was on the street. My Droid got run over by a car! The horror, the horror.

The next morning, I promptly visited my local Verizon store in West Chester, Ohio, where I live. I showed them my cracked, inoperable run-over Droid and asked if I could use this opportunity to upgrade to one of the cool new Android phones. After some checking, the sales people were all “You have to wait until Dec. 24 to be eligible for an upgrade.”

Boooooo, wrong answer. They suggested switching me to my OLD enV (which I had brought in with the intent to recycle) until Dec. 24. Thanks a lot. I sadly submitted to their suggestion, because what was I gonna do? I need a dang phone, even if it is basically a tin can on a string compared to a Droid.

For one whole week, I went through cold-turkey Droid detox. I kept wanting to do things like check in on Foursquare, or check my email, or get directions someplace — only to be foiled by my crappy old-school phone. It was quite painful, made only more so when I went on vacation this week and forgot my stupid charger for this POS. NOW what?

Here we are in sunny Miami, soaking up the rays and listening to the ocean waves, and I have to find a Verizon store to get a freaking’ charger for this POS phone that I’ll only be using for 3 more weeks until my big “eligibility date.” We headed to the super-fancy Aventura Mall and made our way to the Verizon store. I told the booth fellas (much handsomer than the Ohio ones, I might add) about my dilemma, and they were all smiles and helpfulness. “We will take care of you!” Now THAT’s more like it!

They worked a little Miami magic and got me a brand new phone (LG Ally, in case you’re wondering) with all the bells and whistles. Why couldn’t the d-bags in Ohio hook me up like that? I walked out of the mall with a beautiful, shiny new Android phone, ready to check-in, Tweet, GPS, Facebook, email, Skype mobile video chat and any other thing I felt like doing. Props to my friends in Miami for ending my Droid dry spell and making me smile!

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