Easy Teacher Valentine Idea

Easy Teacher Valentine Gift

Want a quick and meaningful Valentine gift for your child’s teacher? I did this easy teacher Valentine gift last year and the teachers swooned over them.

Step 1) Ask your child what they like about their teacher. I tried not to prompt too much but I did give an example. When I did this last year, my twins were just 2 so I had them give me things like “macaroni”. I just went with it and moved on. Turned out being called macaroni by a 2 year old is a pretty sweet thing for a toddler teacher.

Step 2) Use PicMonkey and just choose the option for Design.  Pick the size you want (I did an 8×10). 

Easy Teacher Valentine Gift

Step 3) Insert the text.  I used different colors, fonts, and added some overlays to make it fun.

Easy Teacher Valentine Gift

Step 3) Save your photo and send it on the pharmacy, or wherever you get your photos printed. Don’t forget to search for coupons!

Step 4) Insert in a frame. This is probably the priciest part. I purchase frames for the house at our local thrift store and just spray paint them. 

Step 5) Have your child present it to the teacher on Valentine’s Day. Easy, inexpensive, and meaningful!